by:Donovan Tritschler

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Henry Kaiser

Henry J. Kaiser mobilized the ship building industry. Henry is sometimes called "the father of modern ship building" and he was known to be the most powerful businessman in the Western United States during WWII. He shrunk the time it took to build a Liberty Ship from 197 days to 14 days.
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A. Phillip Randolph

One thing that A. Philip Randolph did to help mobilization was he organized a march in Washington D.C. This march was organized because African Americans weren't getting fair treatment in the defense industries. After the march all defense industries were desegregated.
A Philip Randolph: For Jobs and Freedom
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James F. Byrnes

During WWII Byrnes was in charge of the OWM (Office of War Mobilization). Byrnes job with the OWM was to oversee all of the civilian things that went into the war.