By: Regan,Cahn,Perna,Young,Brantly


In Greece there are many cultural aspects, such as Architecture, myths, stories, battles, and many others. Greece was mostly known for its architecture and religion such as believing in gods and goddesses. There were many philosophers and scientists and also inventors who created most of the things in Greece. The families were one of the most important to the Greece. Greece had many stories made up about myths and legends, which also has turned into common movies and books today. One way that Greece was affected by its culture was the buildings they had, every building had huge columns. Religion affected culture by having them believe things that humans couldn't quite explain themselves. This shows how Grecce was affected by it's culture.

Big Ideas

Question #1 Religion in our world can be Church/Temple, ,Clothing,Language/Accent, School, Hair, Dance, and Race. These are all religious factors in our daily life. Some people wore head gowns and big jackets they also wear yamakas. Language was big because language was for communication. Some people prefer to homeschool because some parents are protective of their kids and want them to be their own person. Some people shave their heads because they believe hair is not important or maybe a person has believed that it is not allowed. Each culture includes a dance, there are Chinese Dragon Dances and Leprechaun dances. Each person has a different colored shade of skin and some different colors which depends on geography.

Question #2 The Greeks believed that the Gods ruled everything. They made Myths for something to believe in. They also believed each go had a power. Zeus was the most powerful and he contained the lightning bolt. Hades, the ruler of the underworld. Hera was Zeus’s wife and Poseidon is the God of the seas. Also Aphrodite was the God of Beauty. Apollo was the God of healing and music and Ares was the God of war. Athena was the Goddess of Wisdom. There are many other Gods but these are the Main ones.


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Art and Arcetecture

Greece was known for its amazing Architecture because of how complex it was.

  • After the Persian war ended there was a peaceful time called the Golden Age, which was led by Pericles, who was a calm, peaceful leader and encouraged artwork.

  • Pericles was responsible for building the temples of Acropolis

  • Another building that Pericles was responsible and most famous for was the Parthenon.

  • The temples that Pericles built had big columns which were wider at the base and got thinner at the top.

  • There was many different types of architecture, but above all there were the most different types of columns and the columns got Greece really known for their architecture.

  • There were many different types of columns in Greece which were all wider at the bottom and got thinner at the top. This idea was also thought up by Pericles

  • The most common columns were the Doric columns which were just like any old regular column. Then there was the Ionic columns which were squared at the capitol, or at the top, and resemble a rams horns. Last but not least was the most complex column, which was the Corinthian columns. There super complex designed was almost like a top social class if you ask me. These columns resembled grape leaves, which were one of Greece’s favorite foods.

  • Greek was known for its beautiful architecture around their civilization.

Stories and literacy

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Inventors, Philosophers, and Scientists


  • Archimedes was a big Inventor of greece

  • He invented the Archimedes screw

  • he also invented the claw of archimedes

  • Archimedes was the first to come up with the heat ray, he used mirrors as reflectors of the sun to make a boat catch on fire

  • Another one of his inventions was archimedes catapole


  • Democritus of Abdera

  • At one point of his life he studied Pythagoreanism

  • He developed the Atomic theory

  • Leucippus was also a major study of his


  • Thales of Miletus

  • Little is know about him

  • He is known for predicting the solar eclipse of may 28, 585

  • He did geometrical research which enabled him to measure pyramids

  • His most important contribution was attempt to give non-religious rational explanations for physical phenomena and look for deeper causes was the true beginning of science


Greece is the best civilization, this is because it has a lot of Gods and things that give the Greeks faith. They also have a great army that only lost a couple of wars. The majority of the time, they had Greece to themselves. The gods protected them so when they had been hurt, they didn’t get worried. They had tons of culture and lot’s of religion. Greece was a warm place and they worked hard for what they wanted. They had a democratic government so the citizens were important to the Government. They still have the same gods and religions today which proves they had strong beliefs. They had lot’s of goods and food so they never ran low and lot’s of other civilizations wanted to trade with them. The Greeks developed medicine, physics, BIology, and math. They developed the alphabet and the olympics, they also formed geometric theories. One of the main things in Greece was art and architecture. They made lot’s of pictures and religious temples. They had different groups and classes. If you were a higher class, you would get a better job. Lot’s of people prefered middle class so they don’t get noticed and stay safe. The rules were not very harsh unless you did something harsh for the consequence. There are many great features in Ancient Greece and I would not have a hard time living there.