Don't Play With Pills They Can Kill

"Don't Do Drugs"


This is a kind of drug that WILL speed up your central nervous system. Also it can cause heart rate and breathing to speed up so you can be very jittery and paranoid. There are many forms of marijuana there is unprocessed and processed. It is usually in the form of the actual plant or in herbal form but there is another kind and that is unprocessed marijuana called Kief, hashish, hash oil, etc those are only some forms of the unprocessed marijuana.


Ecstasy's actual name is MDMA but they now its known as ecstasy. The after effects of ecstasy can make you clench your teeth,grind your teeth, hallucinate,paranoid. These are the side effects your heart beats faster, blood pressure rises, your body temperature rises, you sweat more your body loses moisture, you feel sick in the stomach and many more side effects.Little is known about the effects of ecstasy on an unborn child, or the long-term effects on the child as it grows. However, most drugs have some effect on the unborn baby if the mother uses them while pregnant.


Heroin is highly addictive. heroin can lead to blood clots, organ failure, restlessness, Depression, Anxiety and vomiting. taking heroin while pregnant can cause abnormal fetal growth, Cause low birth weights, or it can lead to miscarriage. there are three possible ways of taking heroin there is Snorting it with in the nose , Smoking it or Injecting it into a vein, or less commonly, into a muscle


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