School of wizardry and witchcraft

People at hogwarts

Harry potter

My first year at Hogwarts was very fun because I was very popular and Gryffindor won the

house cup. I won Quidditch for Gryffindor by catching the snitch in his mouth. I figured out what was in the bag that Hagrid had collected at the bank.


My first year at Hogwarts was fun because I met harry potter.

Everybody was nice you get separated into different houses.

I collect a lot of cards from chocolate frogs.

Places at hogwart

Quidditch pitch Forbidden forest

You go their to watch to houses play Quidditch. You are not allowed in it or their will Consequences.

Teachers at hogwarts


Snape is the headmaster of Slytherin.

He will give you an eye if you are not paying attention.

You will think he is mean but he is nice.

He teaches potions class.

Professor McGonagall

Professor McGonagall is headmaster of Gryffindor.

She teaches transfiguration class.

Vice principal in Dumbledore dies.

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