May/June Technology Tips

Mr. Chadd Starr


As the end of year approaches, you may find the need to backup your files and folders on your teacher computer. We have created a checklist of backup recommendations for you to review. On the checklist, directions on how to complete each backup process are linked within the document.

You can find the checklist here: Computer Backup Checklist

End of Year Technology Checklist: Check List

If the link above does not work, copy and paste the following into your address bar:

Great Ways to create End of the Year Videos


Are you and your students tired of the same boring Google Presentation Templates? If so, you should definitely check out 'Slides Carnival' ( You can choose from several different new templates for your presentation!

When you find a template that you would like to use, open up the template, then go to 'File' and 'Make a copy'. (When asked to rename the copied presentation, I would recommend naming the presentation in which you are going to be creating.)

Slides Carnival is always updating and adding new templates, so check back often!

Ready! EOG Review Games

I mentioned the Flipchart Review Games in my 'April Technology Tips' but I wanted to remind everyone how to access these games again this month. You can find the flipchart games at .

Here are some other review games that were created:

If you have any questions about the games, please let me know because I would love to help!