Global Climate Change

by Russell Mellott

What is Global Climate Change?

Global climate change is when the earths surface heats up due to emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases. These gases heat up the earth by preventing portions of the suns rays from reflecting back out into space so there ends up being more energy absorbed into the atmosphere then there should be.

Effects and Evidence of Global Glimate Change

Over the last couple hundred years, sea levels have risen quite a bit. This happens because of gradual rises in temperature that cause's ice caps and glaciers all over the world to melt. More proof that global warming is a real problem is that scientists have observed that the earth's temperature has been steadily rising every year, constant global increase in temperature doesn't happen naturally over long periods of time like this. Probably the most apparent piece of evidence is that the south pole has been melting, this isn't debatable though, as it can be clearly seen from space every year that parts of the south pole have completely melted away. The only logical cause for this is global warming.
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How Will I Reduce My Carbon Footprint?

I am going to help reduce my carbon footprint by making sure I don't leave the water running when I'm not using it and unplugging chargers when I'm done with them.


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