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Broad-tailed Gecko

The Broad-tailed Gecko can grow up to 15-16 cm in length including its scaley tail. They have scales all over their bodies which are pointed. Their rocky appearance gives you a clue as to where they live.

Bearded Dragons

Both male and female Bearded Dragons have beards.Bearded Dragons have spines under and around their throats that give them their name. These spikes are actually quite rubbery, not sharp, and fool predators into thinking that this is a dangerous lizard. This lizerd is native to australia.They love to live on top off rocks because it is more heated at the top and lizerds love heat.


During summer and autumn, microbats go into a feeding frenzy as they fatten up on insects to see them through the coming winter. Once the nights become cooler and the insects disappear, microbats lower their body temperature and go into a state of mini hibernation until their food returns in spring. Microbats can eat as much as 40% of their own body weight in a single night or several hundred insects per hour. They hang upside down in caves. There are rocks in the cave to give them better grip.



Slaters need moisture and mostly come out at night when the risk of drying out is low. You'll find them under logs, rocks, leaf matter, compost, pot plants and amongst mulched areas of your garden. You'll recognise the oval-shaped flattened bodies of these bugs, which are about 6 to 12 mm in length and grey in colour. Their bodies have 14 segment, 7 pairs of legs and two pairs of antennae, though the second pair is small and hard to see.