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January 2016 NEWSLETTER

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Welcome to 2016!

Congratulations to you, the RED HAUTE RUBIES, on a fantastic month to kick off the new year! To recap the first month of the year…Together as a team we sold over $163,000 and 25 Red Haute Rubies earned our adorable Parker Sunglasses by selling over $1500 from 1/7-1/31! See winner names below. This month we said both "HELLO" and "I LOVE YOU" to our brand new beautiful Collection for Spring. Nine Red Haute Rubies Associate Directors and above: Cynthia Briggeman, Lucy Wheeler, Mary Gomes, Rita Riemer, Karie Matthews, Melissa Lucero, Tina De Vere White, Heather Cooper and myself attended Directors Summit 2016 in Napa, CA. and we had an amazing time hearing from the best of the best and got inspired to start the year. The Red Haute Rubies welcomed 26 new Rubies to our growing team of phenomenal Stylists with our Sign Up Special and I cannot wait to watch each of their businesses SOAR. Congrats and welcome to ALL! What a great month, I am so proud of this team that accomplished so much to start an exciting year.

This month in February we have kicked off our Red Haute Rubies, SUPERSTAR…YOU ARE! Race to Star 4 week call series. Those that are ready and inspired to promote to our sweet spot of our Compensation Plan should email me at and I can add you to our SUPERSTAR page to support you in that goal. We have a weekly call, a weekly challenge and you will pace with others with the same goal for motivation and encouragement. NOW is the time, and lets get you to that level so that you can walk into HOOPLA 2016 as a STAR and experience all of the fantastic perks that go with that title! So exciting!

Congratulations on an awesome January and I cannot wait to see the strides we make in February. Be sure to attend a local Meet Up in your area for support and connection, work closely or find a Pacing Partner and be sure to make sure that your New Stylist maxes out their JUMPSTART period!

As always, I am here for you anytime. My office hours are M-F 9-3PM.




925 548 3442


Congratulations to our Top 10 in Sales and all of the QUALIFIED RHRS!

5773.44 Cynthia Briggeman

5310.19 lucy wheeler

4582.74 Heather Cooper

4012.4 Amber Davis

3979.18 Heather Downey

3648.9 Amanda Vella

3445.76 Ivy Nagel

3247.49 Kathi West

2960.72 Tina De Vere White

2843.51 Lori Tahsler


2726.4 Camlyn Ross

2713.11 Karie Matthews

2565 Sophia Dalton

2556.19 Jane Reid

2511.15 Shannon Moody

2510.2 Tanya Abbate

2473.34 Katy Perez

2448.52 Kristine Schulte

2310.85 Aurelie Erikson

2310.04 Lisa Arrington

2149.8 Claudia Tulipano-Stopps

2128.33 Mary Gomes

2002.07 Candace Naccari

1964.49 Melissa Morris

1947.75 Chris Zimmer

1912.7 Jennifer O'Leary

1853.25 Jan Scott

1811.4 Korinne Boyle

1785.6 Jennifer Finger

1700.35 Rita Riemer

1685 Lindsay Harne

1569.75 Silvia Bottazzi

1545.5 Kate Sabean

1523.61 Arianne Cortes

1361.4 Margaret Taylor

1356.44 Jennifer Simpson

1339.74 Rosalyn Hall

1203.2 Megan Dilores

1194.5 stella fojas

1179 Kendra Deahr

1156.6 Kelly Crocker

1115.4 Jessica Crone

1113.5 Marisa Schwabe

1051.5 Alyssa Schwartz

1046.4 Patricia Watson

1028 Victoria Haller

1027.6 Casey Fleck

998.38 Sarah Van Drunen

982.72 Brittney Torrey

902.05 Nicole Ruiz

853.52 Ann Heaps

847.5 Jennifer Peacock

843.96 Nancey Gerard

840 Aubrey Pamiroyan

790.8 Melissa Foltz

783.7 Cherisse Hoffman

771.81 Hailey Whitaker

768.1 Desiree Almodova

759 emily ceravolo

732.1 Lauren Barbounis

727.48 marguerite farragher

727 Suzanne Copenhaver

699 Ana Ortiz

673.4 Gretchen Caraher

668.6 Kari Linder

647.75 Steffanie Trosko

629.25 Megan Aldridge

627.51 Holly Wright

613.79 Nichola Galentine

609.1 Rachel Vitorelo

594.2 Nicole Ervin

591.5 Laura Cartwright

585.2 Monica Cloney

582 Jo Black

578.8 Cassandra Russell

563.9 Danielle Hollier

538.05 Carol Conlon

529.3 Staci Meier

524.26 Fiona Carroll

522.8 Mai Siddiqui

517.05 Shelly Begue

516.7 Cynthia Dittman

510.05 Mari Koester

507.1 Jolene Rasmussen

506.5 Adriane Marsh

504.9 Brenda Deley

501.12 Kelly Bridges-Studer

Top of Sponsoring

These Stylist all had a new Stylist Qualify in January!

Heather Cooper 1

Heather Downey 1

Karie Matthews 1

Korinne Boyle 1

Roseanne Watson 1

Top in Trunk Shows

Way to book strong for January Ladies!

Ivy Nagel 5

Heather Cooper 4

Karie Matthews 3

Tanya Abbate 3

Katy Perez 3

Aurelie Erickson 3

Jennifer Finger 3

Jennifer Peacock 3

Congratulations to our RHR Parker SUNNIES Winners!

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Heather Cooper

Ivy Nagel

Kathi West

Cynthia Briggeman

Lucy Wheeler

Heather Downey

Amber Davis

Kristine Shulte

Karie Matthews

Jane Reid

Sophia Dalton

Lori Tahsler

Tanya Abbate

Shannon Moody

Amanda Vella

Tina De Verre White

Lisa Arrington

Silvia Bottazzi

Kate Sabean

Lindsay Harne

Camlyn Ross

Melissa Morris

Jennifer O'Leary

Mary Gomes

Claudia Tulipano-Stopps

Director Summit 2016

Red Haute Rubies Leadership Day at the Sausalito Design Center

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BON VOYAGE TO CYNTHIA BRIGGEMAN, LUCY WHEELER and AMANDA VELLA as they go on Glam Getaway in Jamaica later this month!

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If you are even THINKING about HOOPLA 2016…WATCH THIS!

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