Bill To A Law

How does a bill become a law?

Step 1

The first step to turning a bill into a law is coming up with an idea for said bill.

Step 2

A member of congress must present the bill to their house whether it be the House of Representatives or the Senate.
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Step 3

The bill is sent to a committee, and it is decided when the bill will be debated.
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Step 4

The bill is sent to the house, where they make modifications to the bill. If majority votes in favor of the bill, then it is sent to the Senate. Majority floor leader then decides when Senate will consider the bill.

Step 5

If the Senate approves the bill, it goes back to the HOR where Amendments are added, or declined. If the changes are rejected the bill goes to a conference committee. Both houses must approve the changes, and if approved the bill goes to the president.

Step 6

If the president approves the bill he can sign it, and it becomes a law. If he vetos the bill, the voting process starts over again.