Tiger Press

San Marcos Elementary

Weeks of September 23rd & 30th

Important Dates

9/23 Girls on the Run starts for 3rd and 4th

5:30 Mano a Mano Parenting Class in Spanish

9/24 Stephanie to Principal's Council all day

3:15 Yoga

9/25 Girls on the Run starts for 3rd and 4th

PLC Meetings

3:15 Groundbreaking Ceremony for new park meeting in 202 for student council advisors

9/26 SME Website Training

3:15 Student Council Meeting

9/27 Flag Salute- Student of the Month

Recess Soccer Clinics

9/30 Girls on the Run starts for 3rd and 4th

5:30 Mano a Mano Parenting Class

10/1 9:00 Stephanie to Do

3:15 Yoga

10/2 8:30 ELAC

PLC Meetings

10/4 Primary Flag Salute

Recess Soccer Clinics

Tiger Tid-Bits

  • Quote of the Week-
  • Also, one of the CELDT testers, a former teacher from Paloma, came by my office to tell me what a lovely school we have, how well behaved the children are and how much she has enjoyed being at our site.

  • A parent after finding out, from her son's teacher, that he had bitten another student came to school the next morning with a card and present for the bitee. It was so great to see the support that the parent was giving the school and her reaction to this incident. She consequence her son appropriately and took ownership of the action- WAY to go MOM and Mrs. Wolf for letting mom know.
  • Thank you to all teachers (Silas, Leandra, Jamie,Hollie, Christy, Grace, all second grade teachers, our new wheel teachers and Mrs. Harris who was the librarian) who stepped in to help with our substitute shortage this week- we appreciate your flexibility and willingness to take on the last minute change!


  • Please come down to sign your attendance sheets on Monday.
  • Laminating will take place on Fridays, please include your name with items. We do not like to laminate small cut up items, please leave as whole sheets and then you can cut them out after they are laminated.
  • As you begin to schedule fieldtrips, please remember to request Purchase Orders from Lupe one month in advance. If you need help with all the paperwork, please come ask Lupe,
  • Emergency cards need to be turned in to Lupe.
  • If you have a Math Talks book from last year and would be willing to let other teachers read it this upcoming month, please drop off at my office. We have other teachers who are interested in reading this book and would be grateful if you could lend it out.



  1. Mindset Study
  2. Technology Sharing (if you have a good app to share you will have time)
  3. Math - Update and Best Practice Sharing


1. ELD

2. Technology- SMUSD Cloud & My Big Campus

3. Guided Reading Refresher


How can we as teachers make learning "more fun"?


New Apps, Tweets, Tech Uses

Best App of the Day: Educreation- a way to show what you know in a fun, creative way.

Education: Changing Our Stuff is Not Enough

FOR FUN: Kid President


Next installment of our THEME for the year.

Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!