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Antrim Elementary School May 27, 2022

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Memorial Day Assembly

Today, we held a Memorial Day assembly for the first time since 2019. We invited local Veterans to present the colors, and they did so with grace and refinement. The GBS band came across the parking lot and played the national anthem and taps. Local veteran, Bob Edwards, spoke to the children and described the history and importance of Memorial Day. This was a lovely and touching portion of our assembly. We hope you will take a moment this weekend to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Later on in the presentation, Mrs. Hill presented information about our Spirit Week which will be held the week of June 6th.

During the last part of today's assembly, I presented Eagle Certificates to students who have demonstrated one or more of our core values this week - respect, honesty, kindness, cooperation, and grit.

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northeast passage similarity program

Antrim Elementary School welcomed the Northeast Passage Similarity Program today on May 27th. The program provides an opportunity for students to explore the similarities we share by participating in activities and discussions. They brought wheelchairs and accessories to the gym, and all students played a variety of games. This experience teaches the student to consider that using a wheelchair while playing a sport requires skill and practice, and it is also challenging, athletic, and fun. For more information, click on the link.

creative 2nd graders

Creativity is at work in Mrs. DiFolco’s classroom as students use their imagination to design a crab robot and a robot! The students were given instructions to choose a product in the classroom and create a product from it. Future architects, engineers or artists? Way to go!

Big turnout at the children and the arts festival

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Where in the world is Mrs. Hill's Class?

Mrs. Hill's class is starting to travel the world. They are learning all about maps and their different purposes. They are now using what they have learned to create their own magical island/continent. The third and fourth graders are using coordinate pairs to locate important places as well as finding the area and perimeter to their islands.
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ABC Countdown continues in Kindergarten

The ABC countdown continues in Kindergarten! This week we Hula-Hooped and played Hopscotch, painted with Ice, told Jokes, made Kindness Kites and wrote Letters to the incoming Kindergarteners. A highlight was painting with ice cubes! Students put their creativity to work using blue and red ice cubes (water mixed with paint). We can't believe how quickly we're working through the alphabet and how close we're getting to being in 1st grade!

Drop off procedure reminder

We kindly ask that you stay in your cars while waiting in the drop-off line in the morning. Please do not leave cars unattended because it causes others to wait. We do not have morning recess before school, so for the safety of the students and the flow of traffic, please drop them off in the designated area and they will walk into the school for breakfast. Thank you so much for complying with this request.
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would you like to run a lego club at AES next year?

I am looking for interested volunteers who might want to run a Lego club before or after school next year. If you are interested, please send me an email and we can discuss it. Thanks!