Stop Diesel, Start Renewable Energy

Save the Snowy River environment and use renewable energy.

Save the Snowy River environment.

As a result of using diesel for an energy source the Snowy River environment is completely appalling. The water is polluted and the air is contaminated. If this continues to happen, in a few years Snowy River will be nothing but a town of toxic waste.

How We Can Put A Stop To This.

If renewable energy is used, not only will it cost less, it will also be more eco-friendly. Some of the renewable energy sources include:

solar energy,

geothermal energy and

hydro-electrical energy.


If the:

Solar energy is used - $200 to $1000

Hydro-electrical is used - $300 to $2000

Geothermal energy is used - $400 to $2000

Save Snowy River, NOW!!!!!!!

So to conclude, we highly recommend that the citizens of Snowy River use our renewable energy source as it not only costs less than diesel, it saves the residents/wildlife/environment from becoming a heap of toxic waste.