Fifth Grade Rock Star News

Grade 5 at LJM

Volume 1, Issue 4- January

Welcome 2016!

Special Events/Reminders


1/13/16 Boots Day

1/18/16 Holiday (Possible Inclement Weather Make-up day if an inclement Weather day occurs 5 or more day before the 18th)

1/19/16 No School for Students/Professional Development Day

1/20/16 End of Marking Period 2

1/27/16 Report Card Distribution


2/1-2/8/16 Jump Rope for Heart

2/5/16 PRIDE Friday (wear Black and Gold)

Fabulous Fifth Grade News!

Sled Dogs

Before the holiday break, 5th grade participated in a friendly competition of "penny wars" where all money raised went to sponsoring a puppy that would eventually train for the Iditarod in Alaska. The competition was so fierce, the students ended raising $616.08. As a grade level, we were able to sponsor not just a puppy, but also a lead dog. The lead dog's name is Littlehead and the puppy's name is Boone. The money we raised can buy 616 booties to protect the dog's feet or provide 616 pounds of meat to feed them! You can follow the dogs progress following Hey Moose! Kennel on Facebook. They also have a website: On this site, there is an excellent 24 minute video about Kristin Pace and three other mushers who completed the Yukon Quest last year.

Kristin and Andy Pace, the dog mushers and owners of Hey Moose!, are sending regular updates to our classroom and we plan to video chat with them later in the school year, when they are not preparing for the Iditarod or the Yukon Quest. Needless to say, the Pace family was both grateful and astounded at the work of our fifth graders. To quote one of our emails from Kristin, "definitely feeling the love."

Save the Date!

Throughout the fifth grade year, students become experts on one colonial figure and complete many projects here at school. In May, we showcase all of our hard work with our Colonial Figure Wax Museum. The date has officially been set! Please mark your calendars and save the date for Thursday, May 26, 2016.


In reading class, we have been working on using key ideas and details from both fiction and nonfiction texts. Recognizing and using the most important information in a text allows us to support our inferences. By connecting information we read to our own background knowledge, we can make inferences. This is helping us better understand what life was like in Colonial times.


Currently our writing lessons are aligned very closely to our Reading and Social Studies lessons. We are studying informational writing and learning what good writers of history do as they conduct research. Each student has chosen their historical figure for our "wax museum" activity in the spring and we are all digging deep to find out why these people were important, as well as the contributions that they made.


The students will be studying fractions during the month of January. We will be adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions in unit 5. If your son or daughter would like extra practice with these topics, they may visit Study Island. The students have their usernames and passwords for this site. We will also be taking our second fact fluency assessment for the year and checking for progress.


The students are currently learning about the physical resources of the Earth and how they are useful for humans. The children will learn about fossil fuels and alternate energy sources. Next, the students will be learning about Earth's atmosphere.

Social Studies

Our social studies books are one of the important nonfiction texts we are using to learn about Colonial America. We have studied the earliest colonies of Plymouth and Jamestown, as well as the lost colony of Roanoke. We have just begun to explore the expansion of the British colonies in America.