November 15, 2013

Job Well Done

Thanks to everyone involved in the kindergarten program and the feast. A great performance followed by excellent food! The Orange and Blue Crew also stepped up and helped tremendously. Kudos to everyone for pulling this off. Whew!

Because our numbers are getting too large to accommodate this event, plans will be considered to have an afternoon performance next year without serving food to everyone. I have penciled in Friday, November 14, at 1:30 PM for this special event.

By the way, the full moon is on November 6th next year...the 14th kindergarten performance will be a much calmer day for 2014!

Wishing everyone a restful, full-moon weekend!

RBES Goals Due Today

RBES goals are looking good. I am sure there are more complete than I can see because you may not have marked them as complete. The attached picture (click on the image) is a snapshot from Heather Bridges demonstrating how to "mark complete" for these goals. Let her know if you are having trouble. I will be reviewing these over the weekend and early next week.

Principal for a Day on Tuesday - No jeans, please.

Next Tuesday, Mr. Rick Strawn will be our Principal for a Day. If you would like him to visit one of your classes during a certain time of day, let me know and I will try to work it in his schedule.

This is an opportunity to share our story with a community member who will leave Mt. Park Elementary and talk with his customers about our great school. Let the kids know to expect a visitor that day.

Personal Note

I will be absent next Thursday having minor surgery and recovering on Friday; just noting this so you do not think I am taking an extended vacation and leaving you here to fend for yourselves while I relax on a beach.
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