Author: Patricia Reilly Giff

Short Summary

During WWII there's a girl named Jayna who lives in a small town in upstate New York. She lives with her brother Rob and her pet turtle Theresa. While her brother Rob gets called for war she is left with a difficult landlady and a ghost. Before Rob leaves he tells her about a blue recipe book bearing a name and an address in Brooklyn. They believe the recipe book belongs to her grandmothers bakery. When Jayne receives devastating news about Rob, she decides to go to Brooklyn to find her grandmother.

The Theme

I think the theme of the book Gingersnap is determination. I choose determination because while her brother is away at war she faces many challenges and obstacles trying to find her grandmother. In Brooklyn she misplaced her suitcase with her clothes and money inside. Jayne searched for the suitcase for two hours but didn't have any luck. Once the sun set Jayne had no clean clothes and money for food but she was still determined to find the bakery. In conclusion, these are a few examples of determination from the book Gingersnap.

Historical Facts

The author used many historical facts that really brought the story to life. She helped us understand where the main character was, what she was doing, and what year she was in. She made it feel believable for its time because of how much evidence and details she included about WWII and the main character. In the end, Patricia Reilly Giff the author of Gingersnap really helps you understand and feel for the story.

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