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Important News about Evaluations- Don't worry! We will figure this out together!

I know there have been a lot of questions about how changes with the assessment will impact evaluations. I am sharing the latest information from the state below.

The bottom part of Question #8 and #9 would seem to be most on-point. I have highlighted the most relevant bullets. All of this to say, it looks like more information will be on the way soon. I will update you as soon as we know more.

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8. How will teachers and principals be evaluated?

• All teachers and leaders will receive an evaluation this year, but as is the case every year, different educators will be in different situations based on their unique teaching responsibilities.

• Teachers who have students who take a statewide assessment this year and who receive a complete score—mostly high school teachers—will fall under the previous flexibility, which is outlined in this FAQ. Data from TNReady and TCAP tests will only factor into their evaluation if it benefits their score. Otherwise, the data will be excluded.

• Teachers whose students’ TNReady and TCAP tests were suspended—largely grades 3–8 teachers —will not have data from this year to factor into their score. Again, different educators will be in different situations. For teachers who have TVAAS data from prior years, that will still factor into their score. If teachers do not have prior TVAAS data, the qualitative component of their evaluation will increase. The department will provide more detailed guidance on the evaluation composites for each scenario in the coming days.

• Teachers in non-tested grades and subjects and school leaders will be in different situations depending on whether their school has a calculable schoolwide TVAAS score. If the teacher or leader is at a school with a schoolwide TVAAS score from this year, like a high school, previous guidance applies; as we had previously outlined, if the student growth data from this year does not benefit an educator’s score—including those in non-tested grades or subjects—that data will be eliminated and the qualitative portion of the score will increase. More details are available here. If the educator is at a school for which there is no schoolwide TVAAS data available, the student growth portion of their evaluation will be removed and the qualitative portion of their evaluation will increase.

• Teachers who are evaluated through a portfolio model are largely not impacted by this announcement. The bulk of their evaluation will remain the same, but depending on the achievement measure the educator chose, they may need to adjust what data factor into that component.

• If educators chose an achievement measure that includes TVAAS data, TVAAS data will be included if it is available, such as for high school educators. If TVAAS data is not available for that educator’s school, the educator will need to choose to a new achievement measure. The department will share details on how educators can make that adjustment as soon as those are available.

9. What data will factor into the achievement measure?

• If an educator chose an achievement measure based on TVAAS, TVAAS data will be included if it is available, such as for high school educators. As previously mentioned, districts can provide educators the option to change their achievement measure to one that is not based on TVAAS if they would like to do so.

• If an educator chose an achievement measure based on TVAAS and TVAAS data is not able to be calculated, the educator will need to choose a new achievement measure. Available achievement measures are outlined on this worksheet.

• If an educator chose an achievement measure not based on TVAAS, such as graduation rate, average ACT score, universal screener, or another assessment given in their district, that data will remain as their achievement measure.

As a result of the recent contract termination with testing vendor Measurement Incorporated, a number of achievement measure selections are no longer valid, which requires all districts to ensure that selected measures are valid for all educators. Invalid selections include any measure that references TCAP in any way. Click here for a complete list of valid and invalid achievement measure selections.

Here are the next steps for updating achievement measures in TNCompass:

  1. Districts should determine how updates will be made - either at the district level or at the school level.
    • If at the district-level: Directions for completing centralized, batch uploads into TNCompass are available here.
    • If at the school-level: School administrators will make individual updates within TNCompass.
  2. Districts should communicate to educators the changes necessitated by the evaluation flexibility law and the recent testing developments by providing the two most recent FAQs (Evaluation Flexibility for Teachers and Suspending TNReady/TCAP Testing for Grades 3-8), and directing educators to learn more on the TEAM website.
  3. Districts should collect updated Achievement Measure Worksheets (click here for the updated worksheet) to keep on file locally—the department is not collecting these worksheets.
  4. Districts or administrators should make achievement measure updates in TNCompass no later than May 15. Again, this can be done through a centralized, batch upload at the district level or individualized changes at the school level (step 1).
Educators are not required to change previously selected achievement measures, provided that they have chosen valid selections. All valid selections must be made in TNCompass no later than May 15. Note that many “off the shelf” assessments approved by the state board were utilized as RTI2 universal screeners and may serve as an achievement measure.

Administrative Survey

Please take some time to fill out the annual surveys sent out by the ASC team to help provide feedback to both Amy and me. Please click the link below and take the newer and shorter version of this year's survey. Thank you!

The survey will remain open through May 9.

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Standards Feedback

The State Board of Education launched the science standards review website to collect public feedback on Tennessee’s newly revised grade K–12 science standards. The deadline for providing feedback is May 13.

The When and What of New Standards

Many academic domains have been reviewing standards and the changes will take place in 2017-2018. Next school year we will be using the same standards as we did this year. Next year's assessment will also be testing the current standards. See the note below for the 2017-2018 standards recently passed for math and ELA:

The State Board voted unanimously at the April meeting to approve the new Tennessee Academic Standards for math and ELA on final reading. View the new standards here.