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February 27, 2021

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Busy Times!

Dear Prospector Families,

It has been a very busy start to the year! Thank you for your continued support and partnership in education for your child's success. It's hard to believe that we're coming up on a year of education in a pandemic. I know that we are all weary of our circumstance, and I want to encourage you that we are all working to support our families and students in these trying times.

We continue to seek ways to engage our students and our school community, and we definitely look forward to a time when we can come back together! Above, Coach Walls and Ms. Mery host a Lunch Bunch. The Lunch Bunch is an unstructured, supervised Zoom where students have the opportunity to visit with friends and/or connect with an adult from school. Lunch Bunch and Breakfast Bunch are scheduled weekly for each grade level. Zoom links are posted in Canvas.

Please stay connected through Class Dojo School Story, Facebook, and Email. If you request to join our Facebook page, thank you for answering the membership questions.

I know we've been sending out a lot lately, but we are working hard to make sure that you stay informed. Some things to celebrate:

  • We are so proud of all of the NEW skills that our teachers, students, and parents are learning in our distance learning environment.
  • 244 students with perfect attendance for the first semester! Check out videos below.
  • A great turnout for school photos over three afternoons. We are working on scheduling a make-up day.
  • Helpful and practical ways to motivate your children from our Parent Education Workshop series.
  • MORE workshops coming up for ELA and Math! For each workshop you attend, your name will be entered into a drawing for a brand-new ASUS laptop!
  • We are planning a spirit week and a virtual math night for our families.

In Partnership,

Celeste Wahlberg


Yucca Valley Elementary School

Message from MUSD - PRE PLANNING for TK-2 Phased in Return

FOR TK, KG, 1st, and 2nd Grade ONLY

As county and regional COVID-19 statistics improve, the Morongo Unified School District (MUSD) is planning for a POSSIBLE scenario for return to school in a structured and phased way. The MUSD is asking us to gather data for PLANNING purposes only. They are asking for a 100% response by Monday, March 1. THANK YOU for taking a few moments to answer 6 questions.

Here is the link to the survey:

Thank you again for your help with this important information.

A few questions have come in about this survey. Here are a few responses:

  • Planning / reopening is contingent upon county numbers and MUSD Board Approval. At this time, the phase in planning is focused on TK-2.
  • Planning for class size is between 17-20 students.
  • The instructional day/ time with teacher is planned for 240 minutes/ 5 days per week.
  • At this time, lunches are planned to be served 'to go' as students are leaving campus.
  • There is a plan for recess during that 240 minutes.
  • Start and end times will depend on bussing and the needs of the community.
  • Safety protocols will be shared and followed.

More specific details cannot be made until MUSD knows how many students would return in person. There is a Reopening of Schools Plan on the MUSD website that has been shared and revised throughout COVID-19.

YVES Parent Workshop - Supporting Your Child's Success in Literacy March 2nd & 3rd

Dr. Sonaleena Hargrove will be leading a session on literacy strategies. Please help us tailor the workshop to your needs and answer this 3 question survey below on what areas you'd like strategies in: reading, writing and / or phonics.

Every session, we draw names for prizes which may include: gift cards, t-shirts, learning supports. Your name will also be entered to win a NEW ASUS laptop! (picture below)

March 2nd 12-1 pm

March 3rd 5-6 pm

Zoom link sent in the parent email and sent via Class Dojo.

Your name will be entered to win this laptop every time you attend a parent workshop!

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School Device Technology Update

Some of the school-issued laptops and Surface Pros are due for updates. To update your device, please do the following:

If you have trouble logging in, the first step is to try and update it by driving to a MUSD site (parking lot) and completing the following steps:

1. Ensure you are connected to the schools internet from the log-on screen.

2. Have the child log-on.

3. Log the child out.

4. Turn off the internet from the log-on screen.

5. Have the child log on without the internet turned on.

6. If child is able to get logged on then close the computer without turning it off.

7. Don't forget to connect to the internet from the log-on screen.

8. Remember to only close the computer after using it. You should not log-off or shut down the computer. Just simply close the lid.

9. Drive home and log in with wifi turned off; then connect to your home wifi.

10. Remember to only close the computer after using it; not log off or shut down.

Updating your computer will help prevent future delays in logging on. THANK YOU!!

***In preparation for STATE testing, grade 3-6 teachers will be checking with students to see if they have a secure browser. If they do not, it may require an update. More information is coming soon.***

Welcome Mr. Pete Wood!

Mr. Pete Wood is a retired MUSD Principal. He will be joining us part-time to as a temporary Assistant Principal. Fun fact! Mr. Wood started his teaching career at YVES in the 1990's! We're glad to have him with us!
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NEW YVES T-Shirts!

Our new shirts are light grey with a blue logo on the front and our PBIS "3 Be's" on the back. Sizes from youth to adult are available. T-shirts are $12 each. Click the link below to pre-order/reserve your t-shirts today!
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Library Reading Program

Our library clerks, Ms. Jamie and Ms. Carmen, are promoting reading by offering prizes for books completed. See the flyer for more information.
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Celebrating Perfect Attendance for First Semester!

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2nd - Parent Workshop Supporting Your Child in Literacy 12-1 pm

3rd - Parent Workshop Supporting Your Child in Literacy 5-6 pm

16th - Parent Workshop Supporting Your Child in MATH 12-1 pm

17th - Parent Workshop Supporting Your Child in MATH 5-6 pm

26th - End of Quarter 3


12-16 Spring Break

From Recent Social Media Posts...

Parent Resources for the Computer, Canvas, and Curriculum from MUSD

There are a number of videos to support you with technology and resources. Below are a couple of them.

Click here for more: Virtual Parent Resources

Navigating Digital Tools
Canvas Tour for Students and Parents

Yucca Valley Elementary School Vision

We empower and equip students to reach their highest personal and academic potential to pursue a limitless future.

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