Cheerleading Should Not Be A Sport

Paola and Jolisa

Cheerleading: Not A Sport

Even though cheerleaders are thrown up to 20 ft. into the air, people still say that cheerleading is not a sport. According to ESPN, "Sports teams exist to compete, not to perform and entertain or support another group that competes." Just like ESPN, Daily Republican license says that since only 15% of the cheerleaders in the United States compete, it should not be considered a sport.So cheerleading is not a sport.

Judge says cheerleading is not a sport

  1. Quinnipiac University said that they were going to remove girl's volleyball because of budgetary reasons and they would change it to Cheerleading because it was a "sport."
  2. Coaches and volleyball players sued them after that and went to court
  3. But Federal US judge, Stefan Underhill said to "Cancel the cheerleading opinion and to return to volleyball because Cheerleading is not a real sport."
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Federal Judge: Cheerleading Is Not a Sport