MIDI Designer 1.3.5

Your Perfect MIDI Controller Just Got a Bit More Perfect

1.3.5: It's All About Beauty

The wait is finally over! 1.3.5 is now out in both Pro and Lite versions, and it's a huge breakthrough in terms of both design and functionality. After 1.3.1, I had enough user feedback to understand that MIDI Designer users want just three things: flexibility, functionality, and beauty. In 1.3.5, users get more flexible and functional control, resulting in a beautiful, personal control surface. MIDI Designer makes your iPad the most attractive piece of hardware in your rig.

MIDI Designer's New Look

Your Perfect MIDI Controller

Changes for 1.3.5

  • MIDI Designer is now ready for two-way MIDI hardware to be used as a "pedalboard," pushing the Ultimate Hybrid concept forward. See the Ultimate Hybrid page for more information.
  • MIDI Designer introduces per-page LED Colors. With 256 choices, you can now make even more beautiful pages that are easy to recognize in a snap.
  • Sliders, crossfaders and buttons are now aspect-ratio independent and can be huge, tiny or anywhere in between. All controls have been redesigned, are 100% Retina display ready, and can be sized from puny to giant.
  • Name labels are independently sizable (and supersizable!).
  • Labels now sit behind all other controls, allowing for watermark effects.
  • A new control type: Panels! They sit behind labels, and have no border so you can combine them in interesting geometric shapes.
  • Small cosmetic changes including a new fonts and automatically reversed colors for darker page colors.