Annual Yearbook Cover Contest

Calling ALL fifth graders! As seniors, you are invited to compete in the 2nd annual yearbook cover design contest sponsored by TEAM RAMSEY!


Our class discussed, debated, and decided upon several requirements for the yearbook cover design:

1. MUST include title of school- spelled and capitalized correctly:

GSI at Hodges Elementary School.

2. You must use regular white paper provided by TEAM RAMSEY. Do not cut, fold, or change the size of the paper in any way.

3. Think about the front of the yearbook. Be sure when you design your cover, your paper is "portrait" style---not "landscape" style.

4. Must include the school year: 2014-2015

5. Must include at least one honeybee.

6. Can NOT resemble yearbook covers from past years- your idea should be ORIGINAL and CREATIVE!

7. Think about the words of our school song and school pledge. Can you find a creative way to integrate any of these into your design? Do NOT just write the words to the song and/or pledge on the cover. Think deeper. What do the words of the pledge and/or song mean? How can you SHOW this in your design?

8. First AND last name should be written in pencil on the BACK of the page. You should also include your teacher's name.

9. Use markers to illustrate your work. Be SURE to use yellow and black as part of your illustration since these are our school colors. This will help the printing company make a GREAT looking cover!

10. Deadline to submit your entry is Thursday, April 23. Please turn into your homeroom teacher. She will place them in Mrs. Ramsey's box. NO LATE ENTRIES will be accepted.

11. Ms. Babb will work with a team of teachers to narrow the entries down to the top 5. The 5 semifinalists will be announced Monday morning, April 27, 2015.

12. TEAM RAMSEY will design a survey for all students in grades K-5 to vote for their favorite yearbook cover design, tally the votes, and create a graph to represent the data.

******The winning yearbook cover design will be announced Friday, May 1, 2015.