Social Graces November Team Kudos!

Cheers to this amazing tribe!

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Sold $5000 - Power Sellers - earned 7% commission bonus!

Angelyn Horrell $8,340

Sold $2300+ and earned their 5% volume bonus!

Way to go, Ladies!

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Sold over $1000 this month!

Lauren Sutton $2,220

Shelly Griffin $2,086

Jenny Moss $1,962

Stephanie Poorman $1,428

Jennifer Sanberg $1,279

Lea Ann Williams $1,158

Qualified with at least $500 in sales!

Stevie Strickland

Gina Scenna

Rachel Donahue

Kris Denzer

Karen Mannis

Trisha Savage

Monica Washington

Mandy Lane

Our newest STAR STYLIST!

So happy to introduce Whitney Scott as a new Star Stylist in Bowling Green, KY! Whitney is a busy mom of two very young boys, who always works a freelance business and rocks her Stella & Dot joy! Whitney's team is definitely one to watch!
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Q4 Style Fix Level 1 Earners (already)!

These ladies have sold at least $500 this quarter and have earned Level 1 sample coupon - $200 worth of Spring samples for $69! (With one month still to go!) Let's go Level 2!

Lea Ann Williams

Stephanie Poorman

Monica Washington

Leeann Mitchell

Ashley Sanders

Jennifer Sanberg

Karen Mannis

Lynn Miller

Stevie Strickland

Trudi Telehey

Gina Scenna

Rachel Donahue

Trisha Savage

Mandy Lane

Jennifer Miller

Mindy England

Q4 Style Fix Level 2 Earners (yeah baby)!

These ladies have sold over $2000 so far in Q4 and have earned their Style Fix coupon - $500 samples for $99!

Angelyn Horrell

Carolyn Bess

Whitney Scott

Marty Drury

Jennifer Cahill

Caroline Klobas

Karen Fleet

Kris Denzer

Jenny Moss

Lauren Sutton

Erin Burns

Tabnie Dozier

Shelly Griffin

December Thoughts...

The holiday momentum continues! Dot Dollars are still in effect through Dec. 15th and the frenzy of November continues right up to then as well! Best tips for December:

  1. You are a "boutique" owner, think like one! Be loud and proud about your business, people need your help for their holiday shopping, for their holiday party outfits and to spend their Christmas money!
  2. Be proactive and specific in making gift suggestions. Men are visual and need lots of help, so show them what he could get for $100. Put together a gift bag with a pouf, bracelet and earrings - anything really, and throw in one of our polishing cloths. Show them! They see "easy" and say yes. If you know their wife / girlfriend, make suggestions you think she would love. Tell your baseball mom friends - "a great gift would be your son's baseball # on an engraveable tab with the team color birthstone charm"
  3. Consider holding a dot dollar redemption trunk show at your home between 12/29-1/5 so that everyone who has DD's to spend can see the line again, and it will help you book your January calendar.
  4. You've met a lot of people in November and you'll meet a lot more in December. Take really good notes of who you're meeting! Any potential hostesses or stylists? Follow up with them now and keep them on a list to follow up with in January. Start FRESH but not from SCRATCH!

Let's make this a truly joyful holiday! Have fun, take time for friends and family, CELEBRATE, and work your business in like the smart and savvy ladies that you are! I am so grateful for each and every one of you!



Angelyn Horrell, Stella & Dot Associate Director

I'm your team leader, I"m here to help YOU! Please reach out to me if you would like extra support!