Stella & Dot

Weekly Team Update

Congratulations on Rockin' November!

I am still thrilled about the achievements we had during the month of November! You should be proud of your accomplishments. Here are a few of our celebrations:

  • Our team volume was $12,626!
  • Janelle was our highest selling team member with 5754.91 in PQV!!!
  • Jessica held the most trunk shows with a total of 4 shows!!!

Cheers to a successful season!

Current Promotions

You may have read in the S & D Lounge that the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Specials are being offered yet again. The promotion is valid through Monday, December 7th at 9 PM PST.

The Trunk Show Exclusive Offers are another great incentive for people to shop this December. There are many choices this month for customers to choose from.

Dot Dollars earning period will end on December 15th. The redemption period will be December 29th - January 5th. The Home Office will send an email to each of your customers with their Dot Dollar codes a day or two prior to the redemption period. I like to personally reach out to those individuals as well. Those extra few minutes that you take to help that customer will be well worth it. If you customer chooses not to use their Dot Dollars, you can share the codes with others. You will have access to the Dot Dollar codes as well. Please let me know if you have any Dot Dollar questions.

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Season Switch-Over

Take a look at the "Retired List." This will give you the most current list of products that will be discontinued in the coming months. This is to make room for the rest of the Spring Line. Prior to a trunk show, I check the "Product Alert List" and see if any of the Retired Pieces have gone on sale or are out of stock. You can do several things with your samples that will no longer be available. Sample items are usually sold for 50% off the full retail price, because this is about what you paid for it and you have shown it off at shows. Sample items are usually "cash & carry" items. You could use PayPal as well.

  1. Host a trunk show when the Spring Line debuts in January. Show off the new line and have a "Sample Sale" at the same time.
  2. The samples can be used as booking incentives for future hostesses. "Book a trunk show tonight and choose an item from the sample tray for 50% off (or free depending on the piece).
  3. Hold a Mystery Hostess Trunk Show at your home or another venue, and have your samples for sale with the discounted price. These can be great holiday gifts for people shopping at the last minute. No need to worry about shipping, since they can take the item with them.
  4. I've seen people create a "Sample Sale" group page on Facebook. They invite customers and friends to the page. People then bid or purchase the item using Paypal. I have not done this before, but have seen it work for others.
  5. Keep the samples! I know I have a hard time selling off a few of my favorites each season.
  6. Send out an email to your customers with photos and prices of your samples. First come, first served. I have a few customers who have me contact them when I have samples to sell.

Whatever you decide to do with your samples is up to you. Just remember the samples that you do sell, will pay for the NEW samples that you will get upon their release. This is a great option, so that you are not shelling out more money that you would like to when each switch over occurs. Send any questions my way.

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Trunk Show Tip

Offer to help with shopping this season. We have until Dec. 17th for orders to be placed with standard shipping and will arrive by Christmas Eve. Tweek the wording to make it work for you, but here is a little something that Vera Chan, a fellow stylist shared regarding booking this month. Share the wish list with others too!

Hi ______! Do you have your holiday gift list ready? Send it over to me and let me play Stella Clause. I would love to help you get all your gifts taken care. And don't forget yourself..I'm great at dropping hints wink emoticon If you want to shop for free and half off, let's do a holiday sip & shop with your friends - I have Dec X and Dec X open. Let's ring in your holidays in style!! xo

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Team Name

One more week to email me any team name suggestions. I love what I have seen so far! Thanks for your help!!