Appropriate Outfits for Your Body

With Georgia and Sarah

What are the Different Types?

The Apple: "top heavy"- Wide torso, broad shoulders, full bust, waist and upper back. Thinner arms, legs and hips and tend to gain weight at your waistline.

The Pear: Larger low body and smaller upper body. Storing fat on the hips, thighs and butt, nicely defined waist, elegant neck and proportioned slim arms and shoulders

The Hourglass: "ideal body type"- Bust and hips are approximately the same size, waist is narrow and you're super curvy.

The Strawberry: Your shoulders are wide, large and wide chest and lean and small hips and legs. Your top is bigger then your bottom because of your broad shoulders.

The Rectangle: Straight hips and bottom, very little waist definition, average tummy and a small bust. Your body is straight up and down.


Ways to Aviod or Prevent Bringing Out the Worst in Your Body Type

Apple- Short, boxy jackets and pleated skirts

Pear- Tube, Pencil or fishtail skirts *especially tight fitting ones that will only emphasize your hips and butt*

Strawberry- Shoulder pads and tapering trousers and puff sleeves

Hourglass- Shapeless baggy jumper that don't compliment your nice waist.

Rectangle- Low rise jeans and trouser which will make your torso look extra long and stay away from close fitting dresses

Different Careers

*Fashion Designer- Annual pay: $46,948
*Design Assistant- Annual pay: $25,561-$50,528
*A Victoria's Secret Worker- Annual pay: $28,00

Ways to Bring Out the Best In Your Body Type

Apple- Empire line and longer length tops and lowish necklines to draw boys eyes upwards

Pear- Balance out your curvy bottom half with bold, bright tops with large collars or sleeves

Strawberry- Fuller skirts and wide leg trousers; bright colors on your bottom half and v-necks and wrap tops to compliment your bust

Hourglass- Wrap dresses, tight belts and flared or wide leg jeans will work wonders with your curves

Rectangle- Structured coat with a belt will make you look more curvy if you have small bust you can get away with tricky-to-wear high neck tops

A Bra that WIll Make You Look Good

Apple: Well fitting bra that will provide the correct lift and support you need- half cup bra, full cup bra or minimizer bra, stay away from strapless and triangle bras because they have little support. Don't wear push-up bras to avoid making your bust bigger. Store- Victoria's Secret

Pear: Balconette, push-up and padded bras-create the look of having smaller hips, a more defined waist and balance your larger middle area.

Strawberry: A plunge bra for cleavage or a minimizer bra. Avoid old unsupportive bras. A slimming camisole or basque too.

Hourglass: You want to minimize your bust-half cup bra, full cup bra or the minimizer bra. You won't have enough support wearing the strapless bras and triangular bras.

Rectangle: A balconette bra style will create cleavage effect for a more feminine look. Never wear a sports bras or any kinds of minimizer bra because it will look wrong on you.