Jacob Gonce Oklahoma

Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma is Athletic

Jacob Gonce Oklahoma

Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma displayed athletic prowess throughout his high school years. He was heavily involved in High School golf, football and track teams. Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma was a team player and was highly respected by his peers and competitors. He worked hard and managed to play all these sports while succeeding in academics.

Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma and His Other Passion

When Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma isn’t in the library studying, catching the latest Sooner game or enjoying a plethora of extreme sports, he is dedicating free time to his lifelong fascination with classic cars. He has bought, restored and resold quite a few classic rods, some of which had been entered in trading shows and other displays. He often searches through the pages of Craigslist or his local classifieds sections to see what is available. Below is a list of some of Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma’s most sought-after vehicles that he hopes to one day find and refurbish on his own.

1968 Dodge Charger

A dream car for many, the Dodge Charger first achieved celebrity status with “The Dukes of Hazzard.” Now, it is one of the most well-known vehicles among any classic car enthusiast, which also makes it one of the hardest to find.

1963 Chevy Impala

Arguably the most attractive vehicle of its time, the 1963 Chevy Impala brought a sleek new body style to the market that revolutionized the way cars were built throughout the rest of the 1960’s. With its long appearance and defined curves, the ’63 Impala to this day is a popular choice among classic car lovers.

1970 Plymouth Barracuda

When it premiered in 1964, the Barracuda wasn’t a very big hit in the market. But in 1970, Plymouth stuffed a 7.2 liter Hemi engine into this bad boy, giving the Barracuda unprecedented power that solidified its position in muscle car history.

Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma Embraces Extreme Sports

After a high school career decorated with many athletic affiliations, Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma has embraced his life as a student at the University of Oklahoma, and has taken sideline in competitive sports to join his fellow Sooners in cheering on their favorite teams. Throughout this time, Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma has picked up a knack for other sports, where he isn’t challenging others but rather himself and the elements.


Having experienced the bitter cold of winter without reaping the benefits of powdery snow and the mountains, Jacob Gonce started to embrace skiing as soon as he could drive to the neighboring states of Colorado and New Mexico to enjoy it. He organized trips with friends to Taos and Summit County where they embraced a sport they could never learn to appreciate in their Oklahoma upbringing.


Once Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma inevitably excelled in skiing, he decided to take on its younger sister sport as the next challenge. The day that Jacob strapped in to a snowboard, his skis and poles quickly made their way to the dusty corner of his attic. He was immediately turned on to board sports, which led to his discovery of other outlets in that arena.


Once his love for board sports took off, Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma sought a summer outlet for his newfound interests. He and his friends now spend most of their free summer days on a boat in Grand Lake, working hard to perfect their rotations and flips.

Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma’s Athlete Profile

When Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma wasn’t busy pursing his academics throughout his childhood, he managed to stay healthy and well-respected among his peers as a star athlete. He played several sports for his high school that helped keep his mental and physical posture strongly poised for success and ready to take on the next adventure.


Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma has always been quick on his feet, but his display of speed on the track was what eventually fueled his junior sports career. When Heritage Hall football coach saw Jacob Gonce dominate his competition, he knew Jacob could be a very strong asset on the football field.


Jacob Gonce had always loved football, but with his body size he was never sure where he would fit on the field. But after being recruited onto Heritage Hall and Mission Academy’s team, his presence seemed to give the team the needed boost to success. The year he played, the school’s team won a 3A State Championship title.


When he wasn’t tackling or sprinting his way to victory, Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma was making his presence known on golf courses all over Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. He always loved the links as an escape from the pressures of school and social life. On the greens he could tune out the world, focus on his swing and enjoy the elements around him. Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma played for one year on Heritage Hall and Mission Academy’s team before deciding he wanted to keep golf as a personal pastime.

Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma and his Love For Architecture

Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma has always displayed a fascination with the way that modern buildings and houses are developed. Growing up in tornado alley, he was also presented with the unique opportunity of seeing how these modern structures stand up against the forces of nature. He was also enabled to volunteer in the rebuilding of these homes, as well as new ones for those who suffered the worst damage.

In May of 2013, Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma was a high school student who was about to graduate and pursue a degree in Architecture from The University of Oklahoma the following fall. That same month a EF5 tornado had hit Moore, Oklahoma, leaving over a thousand homes destroyed. Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma decided to put his interest in architecture to the use of the common good, and teamed up with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Journey Church to help build and provide shelter for hundreds of homeless families.

This experience left a lasting impression on Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma, who had just gotten the reassurance he needed that he should pursue architecture as a career. And in the Moore tornado disaster, there was the positive aspect that it helped encourage a promising young man to take on architecture for the common good. Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma is already in fast pursuit of such a career, reflecting honors and Dean’s List recognition just in his first year enrolled at OU. Jacob Gonce is determined to one day improve the lives of others through his brains and hard work.

Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma on Tornado Preparedness

When it comes to tornadoes, Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma is just as familiar with their potential for destruction as many of his neighbors in the infamous “tornado alley” state. He has seen dozens of these ferocious storms plow through his beloved state, causing devastation to homes and families who stand in their path. Below, Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma shares some tips on how to be prepared for a tornado.

Protect Your Glass Doors and Windows

Glass doors and windows are the first line of defense against a strong storm, and unfortunately they are not only vulnerable to a tornado, but their broken shards can present an immediate threat to your family. Board up all of your glass doors and windows before the storm comes. If you find yourself too late for a complete board-up operation, use duct tape to make an “x” shape across each opening to prevent shattering. Even with either boards or duct tape in place, stay away from these openings throughout the storm.

Have Necessary Emergency Supplies

Water and food are only a few of the basic necessities you will need to survive the threat and aftermath of a storm. Have a working flashlight, blankets, strong rope and a first-aid kit nearby.

Implement a Safety Drill

Talk with your family about an evacuation route before the storm hits. Have them go to an area of lower or subterranean ground that is free of any glass or loose items that could become hazardous. Also have it be near something built into the ground, such as piping that can be held onto.

Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma is an Exemplary Student

Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma City, OK is a dedicated student who has always put his academics first. It is perhaps why he performed so well in high school at the Heritage Hall and Mission Academy that he was able to graduate a year ahead of other students his age. Now a proud freshman at the University of Oklahoma, Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma takes his love for education a step further and is already gaining recognition for doing so.

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars is a 501(c)(3) non-profit honors organization designed to recognize and support high achievers in academics. The group was first established in 1994 at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.. They give out millions of dollars in scholarships every year to individuals who display a knack for academic success.

Dean’s Honor Roll

Within his first year of being an Architecture major at the University of Oklahoma, Jacob Gonce’s name had already appeared on the Dean’s Honor Roll list. In Spring of 2014, Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma earned a 3.53 grade point average, which qualified him for recognition in this prestigious category.

HonorsSociety.org (1 year)

The Honors Society is a nationally recognized organization that encourages the excellence of students who achieve high honors in their respected educational institutes. Most of their current members are either on the Dean’s List or receiving scholarships and financial aid from outside sponsors for their display of enthusiasm for their studies. Jacob Gonce of Oklahoma is proud to have one year of membership with this group and counting.