My Future plans

bY: Macy

Right brain thinker

Although I am camadaple to use both right and left brain depending on the situation, im most comfrotable on my Right side. that means I am creaive and out going. Because i am a right brain thnker I could use more orgnization and logic,
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#1 blue

I have a blue personality type. Due to me being blue I have many good traits such as being trust worthy, loyal, peace maker, and friendly. I dont like having arguments in the group so I am the peacemaker. I am very emotinal and devoted being a friendly and a big team player. When ever someone is talking I watch body languge and tone to see if the person is sincer. What frustuates me is negitivty, conflict and rudness. I communicate by being emotinal and personal.
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Working with others

When working in a group, I tend to fill the role of the supporter . That means that I Help get all the jobs done and give help to others along the way also I keep every one on track . This corresponds very well with my personality type, blue, because that means I am a big helper to the group . To take an inventory to discover what kind of team member you are click here !!

what do i want


budgeting my life

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lisense plate

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my top 3 colleges

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How do i make that happen?


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College visit tips

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My High School Graduation

Monday, May 18th 2020 at 8am

1270 Leroy Pond Drive

Fayetteville, AR

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You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.”
William W. Purkey