Christopher Columbus

Jordan P.

Who is Christopher Columbus really?

Christopher Columbus was born 1451 in Genoa. Christopher Columbus was the first person to find the native Americans. In the late 1200s polo had journeyed to Asia and brought back jewels and spices from china. In the 1400s people new much less about the world than is known today.

How did Columbus reach the new world?

On August 3, 1492, Columbus left Spain with 3 ships. They sailed southwest past canary island and then went across the Atlantic ocean. Early in the morning of October 12, a sailor spotted an island with white beaches and dense green forest. Columbus died in 1506 but he didn't even know that he reached the new world.

Christopher Columbus facts

Columbus named the island san Salvador, witch means "Holy Savior' in Spanish. He claimed it for Spain. Friendly people greeted him. Columbus called them Indians, because he thought he reached the east indies. Columbus captured some Indians as prisoners. he made them take him to the island of cuba, where he found people wearing gold ornaments and pearls.