HS SPED Friday Newsletter

November 14, 2014

GA Milestones Read-Aloud Accommodations Clarification

Students who can decode do NOT qualify for read-aloud of passages based on the new rule from the DOE. However, students who have a reading deficit but can decode will still be able to have test questions read-aloud. Please remember that all students who have a read-aloud accommodation will take the test on the computer. For more information, please CLICK HERE

"Changes made to the Student IEP" Survey--NOT in use

Team, you do not need to use the survey sent out for making changes to the Infinite Campus roster any longer. Is is not longer being monitored so please do not make any more submissions.

GA Milestones EOC Accommodations Spreadsheet

Please be sure to complete your accommodations spreadsheet by November 21 by COB. If you were unable to save the file during the meeting please refer to the attached zip file or the Outlook calendar reminder. You can also watch the recording of our meeting by CLICKING HERE.

Services and Accommodations Spreadsheet

Please complete the attached services and accommodations spreadsheet. For instructions on how to complete the spreadsheet please refer to the Outlook calendar invite for a recording. This is due to your lead by COB November 21.

Bi-Weekly Check-in with your Lead

In place of your bi-weekly check-in with your lead, please complete the Caseload Workbook Checklist Survey. This is going to help us ensure that our workbooks are up-to-date for PD in Dec. This survey will also give you an opportunity to schedule your bi-weekly check-in with your Lead.

Task Completion Verification

After reading through the email correspondence and the above tasks, please CLICK HERE and complete the survey provided.
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