by Colton

Basic Facts

Capital: Kingston

Population: 2,930,050

Type of Government:Constiutional parliament democracy


Currency Jamaican Dollar

Major Industries: Tourism and oil refining

Natural Resources: Bauxite Gypsum, Limestone


Continent: North America

Borders: Cuba and Haiti

Bodies of Water: Black River, Riocobre and Riogrande

Weather and Climate: Tropical hot and humid

Shape: little cloud


Hello= Hail up

Goodbye= Likkle more

Yes= Yes

Thank you= Tank Yun

How are you= Wheyyuh name

My name is= Femi name den

Customs and Culture

Three popular foods: Curry Goat, Fiefdom plinks and Ackee

Important Holidays: National Heroes Day and Emancipation Day

Traditional Clothing: Bright colors made of cotton

Major Religions: Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam

Favorite Sport is Cricket

Interesting Facts

Two famous landmarks in my country are: Columbus Park and Ochoa Rios

The major airport in a large city is: Norman Manley International Airport

The name of a hotel in this large city is: Spanish Court Hotel

The time difference between my home and this country is: No Time Difference

Three Things that I find Interesting about Jamaica

  1. _____Jamaica has nice beaches
  2. _____Jamaica has a soccer team
  3. _____Jamaica has nice music