Wilson Promotes Peace w/o Victory

How it started

  • Vladimir Lenin thought the whole war was basically a way to grab land.
  • Once he was at a good level of power he exposed Russia's secrets with allies secrets that gave details of dividing there enemies power.
  • This was the underline problem that cause the war.

President Wilson's look on war

  • President Wilson had a whole different out look.
  • He's look on war was peace and freedom.

"Peace without victory"

  • He introduced this idea to congress.
  • The heart of the Fourteen Points was Wilson's idea "peace without victory".
  • Wilson proposed a peace inspired by noble ideals, not greed and vengeance.

Fourteen Points

  • The fourteen points sought to fundamentally change the world promoting openness, encouraging independence and supporting freedom.
  • But behind the door they call it the open diplomacy.