The Hidden Gold

A Marie-Grace Mystery - American Girl

Author: Sarah Masters Buckey

Number of pages: 150

Project by: Madison Brown


The Hidden Gold is a mystery book. One of the main characters is Marie-Grace; Marie-Grace and her father are traveling up the Mississippi River on a steam boat, when Wilhelmina a girl who has recently lost her father comes aboard. Wilhelmina has no money, so Marie-Grace offers to let her room with her, and they end up helping each other. Wilhelmina is very shy towards Marie-Grace till they find out they have something very important in common! Marie-Grace finds out that Wilhelmina is hiding a secret, about hidden gold. Marie-Grace tries to help Wilhelmina to find the hidden gold. In the end they end up becoming best friends.

All you have to do is look a little closer to find the gold!

The main characters are Marie-Grace, Wilhelmina, Marie-Grace's father, Mr.Bold, Sister Catherine,and Sister Frederica.

The main conflict in the book is that Wilhelmina can't figure out the meaning of the clues to the hidden gold that her father left before he passed away.

I think the point of view in this book is second person.

I can relate to this book because I had a friend that was going through hard times. My friend had just lost one of there grandparents, just like Wilhelmina was going through a hard time after her father past away.

I think that the theme of this book is kindness and helping people, I think this because Marie-Grace let's Wilhelmina room with her. Also, Marie-Grace helped Wilhelmina find the gold that her father left her.