By: Claire Huggett

The history of badminton goes all the way back to 2,000 years ago when badminton was played in ancient Greece, China and India. Badminton took it's name from the Badminton House in Gloucestershire. Back then they called Badminton, Battledore and the birdie, a shuttlecock.

Rules of the game

In Badminton, there are several rules you need to follow.

Scoring- For scoring in the game of Badminton you play the best of three games to 21 points. Every time one team serves the birdie and the other team cannot return the birdie, they get a point. If team are tied 20 to 20, one team must gain a two point lead to win.

Serving Errors- In the game of Badminton, serving is very important to win the game. This means there are several ways to mess up. If you do not serve cross court or diagonally it is a fault. If the serve is in the kitchen, doesn't go over the net or out of bounds, this is a fault. Lastly, if the server is not on the right half of their court it is a fault. An example of this is if a player has the score of 0 to 0 both teams have to serve from the right.

Faults- Faults in Badminton are a missed serve in anyway I said before, you catch the birdie with your hand, you can't return the birdie, or the returned birdie lands out of bounds, or if you swing over hand in the kitchen to your opponent. These are all faults that will not gain you any points.

Lets- Lets in Badminton are when you have to pause the game, lets are called by an umpire or players if there is no umpire. Some reasons for lets are: The other team wasn't ready for the serve and wants the serve to be played again, another shuttle from a different game hits your court, or no one was sure if the shuttle landed in or out.


In Badminton, there are four different types of shots: the clear shot, the drop shot, the drive shot, and the smash shot.

Clear Shot- The clear shot is aimed to go up high and over to the opponents back side of the court. This is used when players need more time to get back into position.

Drop Shot- The drop shot is a forced shot to go down it front of the net making it hard for the opponent to return the birdie. Players sometimes mistake this shot to be a drive shot.

Drive Shot- The drop shot is a shot that is a straight clear shot to go over the net quick and powerful.

Smash Shot- The smash shot is a shot that is the most powerful shot in all of badminton, it is used when the birdie is high in the air and can be angled down to the ground.