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Remote Learning and Shutdown Update Edition

FHS Info and News for the week of 5/4/20

Own Your Learning


Lots in this edition of Fife High News. Please take some time, and look through all the the things happening at Fife this week.... a spirit week, Senior Kick Off to Graduation, Shulapalooza, grading clarification, and much more!


Students I want to point out first and foremast now that Fife's grading policy has been solidified, that this is an excellent time for you to raise your grades, and really own your learning. Your education matters, attending class matters, completing assignments matters, and now is the time to truly put your best effort forward!

As the pressures of every day life for so many of you have increased, some of the pressure from every day "grading" for some has decreased. The opportunity is there for you to really learn for the sake of learning, and to best prepare you for your next step in life and school, no matter if that is college, a job, or even next year's courses at FHS. With over a month of instruction left, it is absolutely critical that you continue engaging in your learning. Please see below for additional resources that will help you understand Fife grading.

Senors: Kick off to Graduation!

We will be sending out communication later this week on our revised May and June event calendar, but I'm excited to let you know now about a new event this week: Kick Off To Graduation Day on Friday May 8, 1-2:30PM! Seniors drive up (like you did to get your graduation gowns) in the bus loop to say hello and we have a special gift for you to kick off graduation season and to let you know we love you! Please see below for more details!

Get 'em-

Mr. Bakke

In This Edition-- Table of Contents

In this newsletter scroll down to:

1. Fife in 5!

2. Spirit Week

3. Class of 2020 Kick Off Week

4. Shulapalooza 2020

5. 5 Inspirational Minutes with senior KK Wise!

6. 500 Seconds with FHS Staff: Mrs. Hockman

7. Understanding the Fife Grading Policy

8. Fife Athletics: Celebrating Signing Day

9. Want to be a class officer or ASB coordinator?

10. Senior Video: Families we need your help!

11. This Feels Like A Dream: By Elora Combs

12. Seniors: Interested in becoming a graduation speaker?

13. Heart of the Trojan Award Nomination Form Now Open

14. Seniors: FAFSA and WASFA Zoom Meeting Support Dates!

15. Junior Shawn Park and Alonzo Walker Nominated for NATAS Emmy Award!

Students: Get Caught up on what's happening at Fife High... with Fife in 5!

Fife News

This week is Spirit Week!

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COVID can't stop Shulupalooza 2020!

Trojans, this year's Shulapalooza is being streamed, part live, part recorded, check it out together Friday May 8th 6:30PM at

You can view using this blue banner button below!

Check out this Interview with Senior... KK Wise!

5 Inspiring minutes with 2020 Senior Mikela Wise 5.2.20

500 Seconds with Staff: With Mrs. Hockman!

Mr Bakke and Mrs Hockman 500 Seconds

Do you Understand Fife's Covid Grading Policy?

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Fife Athletics: Celebrating Signing Days

Fife Athletics is beginning a series of signing day recognition "tweets" celebrating our senior athletes who have signed to participate in college next year. Please check them out on Twitter! @FHSAthletics and @FifeHSTrojans

Class of 2021 & 2022, Interested in Being a Class Officer?

We'd love to have you apply if your interested in being a class officer for next year! Here is the link to the application! They are due by May 15th!

Interested in joining the ASB Team? Apply to be a coordinator!

Being on our ASB coordinator requires you are student of character, a dedicated strong leader, a hard worker, and a person who truly cares about FHS. ASB Coordinators work in our leadership class leading in the following areas:


To get more details and to apply use this link:

Senior families we need your help!

"Hello Senior Families! As you may know our TDM crew is working hard to make sure that our 2020 Senior class gets the best Senior video that we can. There will be a 'Throwback' segment featuring students when they were younger (any age before high school) and TDM is in need of Senior's families to send in home videos of their grads as kids! Please send any videos you can to! Anything is appreciated!

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This Feels Like A Dream: By Elora Combs (COVID Inspired Poetry from FHS Students)

Been so lazy,

Hard to get out of bed

Will I lose all my muscle weight?

Missing my friends,

They always made me laugh

Are they just as bored as me?

Been snacking on all of our food,

Nothing left to eat

Will I die if I go out to buy more?

Watched so much Netflix,

Seems there's not enough

Taking showers to pass the time

Music on repeat till I can’t hear it anymore

More time with family, less time with outside world

This feels unreal, like a dream.

At least the weather has been nicer :)

Seniors interested in being a graduation speaker?

If you are interested in trying out to be a graduation speaker please click on this link for info and application! Deadline is May 7!

Info and Application Link

Heart of the Trojan Award Nomination Form Now Open... Due May 5!

Last year we debuted our Heart of the Trojan Awards. We are excited to continue this powerful tradition. Five Awards, presented in front of the entire school, given to people who exemplified aspects of the Heart of the Trojan. The Awards:

1. Community Support (given to a community member)

2. Staff (FHS staff member)

3. Commitment (given to a senior)

4. Courage (given to a senior)

5. Kindness (given to a senior)

Students and Staff, we need your nominations! Please include first and last name of individual nominated (who you want to win the award) and why you've nominated them. You do not need to nominate someone for every award. Please submit your nominations by Tuesday May 5th

Nomination Form Link

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Need Support?

Need Tech Support?

If you need help with a student Chromebook or with one of the online services being used for learning, you have several options to request help:

  • Visit the Fife Technology Dept website and fill out an online form to request help (this is preferred). - or -
  • Call the district at 253-517-1000 and leave a message with contact information and a description of the problem. - or -
  • a member of the technology team will contact you.
  • FHS staff will be calling or emailing those families who we have heard need tech support to follow up with you as well and can assist you with submitting the request form

Do you need to call to speak to a staff member?

We have set up a phone line, which is being answered 8-3 from a staff member working from home. You can call 253-517-1100.

Seniors! Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) website for you!!!

Here is a link to a support Website we built just for you. It has a Frequently asked question section that might be helpful.

Junior Shawn Park and Alonzo Walker Nominated for NATAS Emmy Award!

Congratulations to Shawn Park and Alonzo Walker for their films being nominated for the NATAS (National Academy of Arts and Sciences) High School Emmy Awards.

Shawn Park was nominated for the ESPN Top 5 Most Inclusive Award story and Alonzo Walker was nominated for Bryna Nixon's Historic Touchdown Pass story.

You can see both videos on our the Home Page of the TDM Website:

In Case You Missed IT!

Want to buy a yearbook?

1. Click this link:

2. Login

3. Select student's name

4. Under "Shop" select "Items at your students school"

5. The Yearbook button is the Last item to the right

Senior Decision Day 2020: Instagram Edition

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FFGNN Episode 1
Announcing Emma Fualaau 2020-21 ASB President: Interview
Be The Light 2020

Phase 3 of FHS Learning Plan: Info

A note about Phase 3

Students will be assigned aprox 90 minutes of learning tasks outside of their designated class meetings. When adding class meeting time and the 90 minutes of learning tasks together over a 5 day week, it averages out to 3 hours of school time per day, which is the state OSPI target amount of hours per day.

Office Hours: On going schedule

Need to ask a teacher a question and get quick response? Here is the ongoing office hour schedule. Each teacher has shared with their students how they are available during this time slot. Remember, you can always email your teacher!
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In case you missed it... a letter to our students from Mr. Bakke


Dear Fife Students,

You are facing truly unprecedented events, and this will be something you will never forget for the rest of your life. I am so sorry you are going through it. I’m sorry that for so many of you, the rewards from the hard work you have put into your sports, concerts, and productions is being taken from you. I’m sorry that your education is getting temporarily compromised. I’m sorry for all the special events that were scheduled that have been canceled. These are memories you won’t get back. I am sorry if you are feeling fear. I know these events are going to impact us all in a lot of scary ways.

But to our beloved FHS students, do not lose hope! My grandparents generation was called, “the greatest generation.” A lot of people think this is simply because of the extreme sacrifice they made during World War II fighting for the freedom of the world, but that is only part of the story. This was the same generation that grew up in the depression, during the worst economic times in our history. They suffered tremendous loss and faced incredible adversity, when terms like “rationing” were everyday vocabulary. They never lost hope, and in spite of those hard times they went through, they went on to save the world.

Fife students, this is your time to show that you have the makings of also being a “great generation.” You are going through historic adversity, which means it's your opportunity to shine bright. Shine by showing others how you care, by your resilience, by being extra helpful with your family, and by showing empathy and encouragement with your peers, and community. Even yesterday you put together a rush food drive and collected hundreds of items in just one day. We continue to be so proud of you!


I want you to again be reminded why we say “Get ‘Em Trojans.” In Fife it means that we will not back down, that there isn’t a challenge, adversity, competition, or tough test that will sway us...there is no such thing as insurmountable odds; in Fife we do not lose hope, and we do not quit. We Get ‘em Trojans!

I can’t wait to see you in a few weeks, when we finish the school year the way we are supposed to... together. Make good decisions today and in the few weeks ahead. And Get ‘Em Trojans.


Mr. Bakke

Fife High School

Our Mission: To be a school that prepares all students for life beyond high school by developing their mind, body, and character

Teacher "office hours" this week

All teachers communicated to students when they are available this week for immediate response. Teachers also let students know the method to which they would be available, like email, or google chat.. or zoom... etc. Be sure to take note of when and how your teachers have their office hours this week. Below is a matrix of our teacher office hours for this week.

This is Optional for students.

Rafferty is organizing an effort to make and distribute DIY masks. To date he has cut more than 750 masks worth of materials, he is doing this as a part of his Eagle Scout project. Interested in helping? Check his video where he shares information about this project!