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Nov 30 2016

My week in class was busy. My coil pot is coming along OK and I wish I could've made it taller. My most successful part of my coil pot the height. The most challenging part is thinking how I should make it.

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Ralphon Pollard 3D blog #11

Nov 11, 2016

1You should never leave cracks in clay. 2Always wet your clay if it gets to dry. 3construct clay with form. 4Design patterns in clay. 5 glaze it.

Ralphon Pollard 3D blog#9

Oct.28 2016

This week has been an easy week I got my work and just sat back and relaxed. The trip we took to book greens was amazing it made me realize how beautiful earth was and the art that was on and I got look a sculptures that were truly a work of art.
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Ralphon Pollard 3Dblog #8


This week's blog is about pop art.This week has been easy and fun with me working on my pop art.Who I did my pop art on Andy Warhol. What he did he worked in pop art of course and he was filmaker. When was he born he was born in 1928 and died in 1987. Where he's from Pittsburg. Why his mom inspired him to be visual and do art.
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Ralphon Pollard 3D blog 7

october 7, 2016

This week art I've worked on my paper mache project. My successes were finishing paper macheing. I didn't have any challenges. Thus weekend on Saturday I plan to stay inside with my family and try my best to keep them from harm and most of all pray.
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September,30 2016

This week I've been working on my paper machete project. So far this semester I've learn how to be more creative in art there was some things I never done like making a face out wire. My paper machete project is coming along just find.
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September,19 2016 Blog 4

This week has been an up and down week for me in art. My Nevelson, project, is coming along just fine. My likes about this project, is that I get to make art of nothing and really show my creative side it's awesome. My dislikes are that trying to figure out what to make out of this project.

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Sept,23 2016 Blog 5

This week in art has been long. My likes about this project art that I got to show how I can make something out of nothing. My dislikes were the plan color I had to put on it.These three images are alike because they all stand for me making something out of nothing. Their differences are they have different ideas to them.
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