Islam's followers in this religion are called Muslims, Muslims worship or pray to thier God Allah[God of Abraham] thier holy book is called Koran and it is supposed to be the rules of God.The muslim's key belief is the five pillars of Islam, the first pillar represent the belief in only one God,the second pillar represents prayer, you have to pray five times a day Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, and Mid-night, the third pillar represents for Charity, you have to only give 2.5% of your money to the poor, the fourth pillar stands for fasting, fasting is when you don't eat until sunset, however travelers,children,sick people,the elderly, and pregnet women don't have to fast, the fifth pillar represents Hajj, people only in thier religion travel to the holy city Makkah, adult muslims are supposed to come here once in thier life and preformed Hajj.Muslims practice Qur'an-Provides general commands,and Sunnah-how to preform commands.Muslims go to the Mosque and listin to the Imam.The holiday this religion has are called Eid al Fitr and Eid ah-Adha,Eid al Fitr takes place after when Ramadan ends,people decorate their houses,wear new clothes,and prepare special foods,and Eid al-Adha is a festival that takes place at the end of Hajj that's celebrated by muslims.Mecca is the center of Islam and the most holiest city.