Stem Cell Bone Repair

By Zach Simon and Seth Meisner

What is it?

First of all, stem cells are cells in the body that are not specialized yet, and can be converted into any type of specialized cell in the body. So treating major bone breaks with stem cells means taking stem cells from either a foreign person or the person receiving the treatment, and manipulating the cells out of the body. Then implanting the stem cells back into the bone in order for the stem cells to convert into the bones. This causes the bone to heal and become stronger.

Are there downsides to the treatment?

There are some possibilities of downside of this operation such as heart disease, stroke, Parkinson's disease and even Autism has occurred sometimes in the recipient of the treatment.

Athletes who have had Stem Cell Treatment

What is the Benefit of This Treatment? and How does it Affect the Person Physically?

Using the stem cells allows for parts of the body to heal faster than normal, or grow back parts of the body that would never grow back. Such as cartilage in the knee, which would not grow back, or heal major bone breaks to heal faster. It affect the person by healing their bones faster andmore efficiently than before.

How is it Being Used Now?

It is being used now by many athletes, like the ones shown above, to fix bones and muscles quickly to get back in the game faster. Also, Scientist are researching the effect of the treatment, and most are using the stem cells to heal patients with bone disorders to help heal them. It has the potential to heal patients with all kinds of broken bones or bone disorders just by taking some of the stem cells out of the patient and using them for good.

Video Showing the Technique and Usage of Stem Cells

Novel stem cell technique shows promise for bone repair

How Does it Affect the Economy?

From an economic standpoint a procedure like this is not cheap, but it is not terribly expensive as well. The most expensive procedure is around 14,000 dollars and the least expensive just under 4,000 dollars.

Does it Affect the Environment?

Stem cell treatment in no way harms the environment, but it can help it. Stem cells can be used to help animals who have broken bones that won’t heal properly.

How Will This Treatment Affect the World in a Social Aspect? Will it Affect our Future?

Worldwide, these stem cells can be used to fix what may seem to be career ending injuries and major accidents which have completely messed up a person's bones. This may also open a new job profession which deals with the actual surgery involving the stem cells. This will affect the near future due to the lack of support from the populace. Many tend to jump to conclusions thinking stem cells can only be acquired by embryos, and while that is true there are other places to get stem cells. In fact in your body right now are stem cells which can be taken out and put back into your body. This will help long term in the future to help fix any human's bones of athletes or people who have been in major accidents.
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