Problem/or need

Do you get sick and tied of holding your remote all day when you watch TV, I want to invent something that does not envolve holding your remote.

Other similar invention to my invention

Remote holder, a regular remote and a remote holder head.

My inventions name

Mote Pad

How does the Mot Pad work?

The Mote Pad works by batteries and eletricity but when there is no eletricity the Mote Pad still work's and the TV because the Mote Pad is connected to it.

What is the Mote Pad used for?

The Mote Pad is used for to make people to relax and when you turn on the Mote Pad you get the Pad for it, you can just tap on any channel you want to go on.

How much does the Mote Pad cost?


The Mote Pads materials

The Mote Pads marterials are plastic, metal, rubber for the Pad and glass.

How does the Mote Pad change peoples lives?

The Mote Pad has change people's live's like them relaxing instead from them moving around trying to find their remote, but their remote is on the Mote Pad just standing there for you, and I think that is pretty cool.