The Mighty Dragon

Ruth C. Kinney Elementary School

June 2017

Contact Us:

1 Spur Drive South, Islip Terrace, NY 11752

Telephone: (631) 581-1862 Absentee Line: (631) 581-0969

Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

I can’t believe that June is here and we are preparing to wrap up the school year. June will be a very busy month with all of the special events planned for our students. Please refer to the newsletter calendar for the many activities we have scheduled. Please note that on half days of school, dismissal will be at 11:42 a.m. and the last day of school will end at 10:12 a.m.

Thank you to the entire community for a passed school budget!

A special congratulations to all of our R.C.K graduates. I am confident that you will be successful in all your future endeavors.

I would like to take this opportunity to also congratulate our office staff member, Stephanie Lanigan, on her retirement. I am sure many of you have had wonderful dealings with her through the years. She has been part of the R.C.K Family for 29 years and will truly be missed.

On behalf of the entire staff of R.C.K, we wish you a happy, fun-filled summer!


Hillary Bromberg Ed.D.

East Islip Board of Education

President…………...........Christopher Zachry

Vice President…….........William Carpluk

Trustee………...…............Steven Behan

Trustee……………….........Jessica Carney

Trustee..........................Philip Montuori, Sr

If you do not want to join Twitter, please use the Twitter Search link, and type in our handle @EIprideRCK to see all of our school's happenings at RCK.

If you do join Twitter, you can follow the school’s account, RCKelem, @EIprideRCK, and always see the updates on your twitter feed.

RCK Field Day

Thursday, June 8th, 9:30am-2:45pm

1 Spur Drive South

Islip Terrace, NY

Field Day is Thursday, June 8th. The rain date is Friday June 9th.The Field Day schedule is below:

Grade 3

9:30-10:30 Field and 10:45-11:45 Dance Party w/ DJ (Parents can interact with students on black top during dancing)

Grade 5 and Mrs. Sternberg

9:30-10:30 Dance Party w/ DJ (Parents can interact with students on black top during dancing) and 10:45-11:45 Field

Grade 4 and Mrs. Iuliucci

12:45-1:45 Field and 1:45-2:45 Dance Party w/ DJ (Parents can interact with students on black top during dancing)

Congratulations to Lilyana Graney for Receiving Honorable Mention at Brookhaven Science Fair

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Colonial Times Day

PTA Happenings

Dear Parents and Students,

It’s hard to believe that the end of another school year is upon us and summer is almost here. My two years as PTA President are coming to an end and at this time I would like to say Thank You! It has been an honor to watch our children learn and grow over the past years. It has also been a privilege to have worked so closely with so many RCK parents, faculty and staff.

Our Executive Board at RCK dedicates an enormous amount of time planning and executing events and activities. Without their support the programs PTA has provided for students over the past two years would not have been possible! To our dedicated volunteers, whether you gave a few hours of your time or supported us through a fundraiser, it has never gone unnoticed! Also to our principal, Dr. Bromberg, it has been a pleasure working with you. Your dedication and commitment to our children are greatly appreciated. We have a great PTA Executive Board stepping into their positions and I know they already have many great ideas! Best of luck to all of them!

Finally, congratulations to the RCK 5th grade class of 2017! I wish you all continued success as you move on to EIMS. From the entire RCK PTA Executive Board, we would like to thank all of the parents, students, faculty and staff for another fantastic year. Have a wonderful, fun-filled summer!

June 6th – PTA Meeting – 9:45am

June 13th & 14th – Father’s Day Sale (set-up June 12th)

Thank you for your continued support!


President Kelly Schumacher

1st Vice President Deni Cuoco

2nd Vice President Cheryl Rigogliosi

Treasurer Briana Martinez

Recording Secretary Melissa Kneisel

Corresponding Sec. Nina Penny

Join the PTA and Follow them on Facebook

The PTA Membership Application is now available online. The online address is:

PTA Reflections Awards

PTA Reflections is one of the largest and oldest student recognition programs in the arts, founded in 1969. RCK had 92 entries which is the most participation we have ever had. Of those 92 entries we are recognizing 5 winners.

Brandon Piacenti - RCK Certificate of Recognition in the Visual Arts Category

Jordan Schumacher - RCK Certificate of Recognition in the Visual Arts Category

Amante Tucker - RCK Certificate of Recognition in the Literature Category

Fallon Juengerkes - Suffolk Region Award of Merit in the Literature Category

Kiara Zeledon - NY State Award of Excellence in the Dance and Choreography Category and the Suffolk Region Award of Excellence


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Class Placements for 2017-2018

Please be advised that the class placement letter and welcome back packet for the 2017- 2018 school year will be sent home in August. Supply lists will be on the district website in July. Have a very happy and healthy summer vacation!

Suffolk Zone Award Winners

Congratulations to Angelina DeAmicis and Jesse Najera for being selected as the 2017 Suffolk Zone Winners for RCK. The Suffolk Zone Award is given to students who are exceptional leaders and demonstrate exemplary skills in Physical Education.

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Excited to Review Science Knowledge!

Grade 5 students used their Chromebooks to play a game created by their teacher. The quiz game asked questions about the learned information in their science unit. Students chose their multiple choice answer on the screen and the game kept track of who answered the most questions correctly as well as the quickest. Each question finished with displaying the correct answer and showed the students on the leader board. The excitement in the room was amazing!

June's Patriotic Song

For the month of June, our patriotic song for the daily morning announcements will be

Grand Old Flag. Please take the time to look over the words and join us each morning as we sing and celebrate the great country that we live in!

Grand Old Flag

You’re a grand old flag,

You’re a high flying flag

And forever in peace may you wave.

You’re the emblem of

The land I love

The home of the free and the brave.

Every heart beats true

‘Neath the Red , White and Blue,

Where there’s never a boast or brag.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

Keep your eye on the grand old flag.

You're A Grand Old Flag - Sing-a-long version for kids

Box Tops for Education!

The Box Tops for Education program has been very successful. Through the Box Tops for Education program, an everyday trip to the grocery store can make a difference for the students at Ruth C. Kinney Elementary. This program allows families to clip the Box Tops coupons, found on hundreds of common grocery items, and send them into school where they will be combined with coupons from other families. Each coupon is worth 10 cents for your school. The dollars add up quickly! The average family purchases more than 100 Box Tops products each year, and 100 Box Tops totals $10 in earnings for our school. Ruth C. Kinney Elementary can earn up to $20,000 per year with your help.

This school year we have raised close to $1000 so far! Keep them coming!

Grade 3 Students Shared Their Published Writing Pieces

Grade three has worked very hard going through the writing process to publish realistic fiction stories. To celebrate the completion of the eighth stage of the process, the students went out side and got into groups with students from other classes and shared their stories with each other. What an amazing job our little authors did!

Our Makerspace is located in our Imagineering Zone

What is Makerspace?

Makerspace is a unique area in our school that allows for creativity and innovation to occur. Students have the freedom to design, engineer, fabricate, create, build and collaborate. We are starting small, but thinking big! Makerspace is part of the Maker Movement and it incorporates STEAM initiatives – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

What can we Use?

We are always accepting donations from the community for our Makerspace. These materials enhance the learning for the students during the time they spend in our Imagineering Zone. Please feel free to bring any of the supplies listed below. There is a bin set up in the main lobby labeled "Imagineering Zone". Thank you!

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Student Showcase

Grade 5 students shared their RCK Fondest Memories!

My favorite elementary school memory is...

Mr. Chiarelli's Class...

meeting/seeing wonderful teachers and students that became some of my best friends -Alana Curran Frost

getting to take care/learning about ducklings-Laaibah Amer

when I met all of my best friends -Alyssa Giaccone

when we hatched and let our butterflies go- Angelina DeAmicis

when I went on a field trip to the zoo in 3rd grade - Shaz Khan

when I went on the fourth grade fishing trip- Justin Diaz

when I play recess with my friends - Jamison Draddy

when I went on the fishing trip with my dad in 4th grade - Catherine Sasso

going outside and having extra recess with Mr. Orlando in 4th grade - Fallon Juengerkes

going on the third grade field trip- Keith Leonard

going to the courthouse and meeting Judge Bianco - Jesse Najera

getting Mrs. Cardillo as my fourth grade teacher-Lauren Smith

Chorus and violin concerts, all district violin, and field trips. - Gabriela Rivera

going on the field trip to the courthouse. - Alex Johnston

going on field trips.-Steven Nogaro

when I saw my brother at the middle school.-Reyli Ramirez

when I walked into my kindergarten class on my first day in a long island school - Thomas Rice

when I went on the 4th grade class fishing trip. - Nathaniel Kole

when I did my Colombia project. - Olivia Graffagnino

when I play kickball with all my friends during recess-Sebastian Regis

when in fourth grade we had a field trip to go fishing.- Ethan Zeledon

when we went to the museum in fourth grade. Gavin Veltman

going outside for recess. Kristy Claudio

when the spinny thing was added to the playground. Ava Rodrigues-Reyes

Mrs. Talbot's Class...

when we went to the court house in fifth grade. Noah Abruzzo

when we went on the fishing trip in fourth grade. Anthony Azzizzo

when I got Mrs. Whitehouse for a teacher. Delilah Bauer

going to Old Bethpage in fourth grade. Deanna Bentrewicz

after having Mrs. Breen and Mrs. Danowski, getting Mrs. Talbot. Hailey Blore

making new friends after moving from Staten Island. Marissa Damian

putting on a play for the school in first grade. Kimber Davidson

when I performed in my first concert. Alyssa Deutsch

the fourth grade fishing trip. Brianna Dort

seeing Mrs. Ruppert after she had her twins. Kayla Farino

starting a new instrument with the best music teacher, Mrs. Stewart. Ayana Frigiola

going to Safety Town in third grade. Dylan Gaulrapp

meeting the nicest person, Mr. Baldo. Ethan Greene

participating in Field Day. William Jackson

when I won PARP with my brother in second and fifth grade. Ryan Kelpie

seeing a guy do an electric “concert” using a synthesizer. Brendan Kroupa

participating in Field Day. Dylan MacIntosh

going to Safety Town in third grade. Cassidy McConnell

the fourth grade fishing trip. Jack McGarry

doing Field Day with my friends. Jaclyn Scandale

participating in Field Day. Travis Stockton

going to the Makerspace. Leah Vetrano

when I started my instrument. Kaylee Wilko

Mr. Lake and Mr. Young's class...

when I moved here and made more friends. Amante Tucker

when we had a field trip to see the Nutcracker in second grade. Alexandra Benavides

when I walked home from school and got to see my teachers. Alessandro Jarvis

when I went to the fishing field trip in 4th grade. Anthony Spaeth

last year, after a field trip, Mrs. Cardillo let us start talking and hanging out with our friends, and everybody got to take out their phones. Victoria Crowell

going on my 4th grade fishing trip. Chris D’Angelo

when we went to the court house and did the play. Matthew Baldino

learning how to play the clarinet. James Rapuzzi

when my dad and I went on the fishing trip. Luca Centauro

when we went fishing. Jake Ocenasek

when Mrs. Stewart chose me to be a bass in orchestra. Jocelyn Olds

when I met new friends. Christian DeCristofalo

my 1st Grade Field Day. Jake Vessalico

when I went on the fishing trip. Richie Laspina

when I went fishing in fourth grade. Joanna Wylie

when Mrs. Buonasera shot the ball into the hoop and everyone said, “Ooooh!.” Emily Stannish

when they called me down to the art room because I won the Winter Concert Cover. Alexandra Totillo

in 4th grade when my teacher gave us a party, candy, and no homework. Ian Schneider

Mrs. Sternberg's class...

one of my favorite RCK memories is playing on the old playground, bouncing on the tires. Ryan Campanaro

I liked making a candle in 4th grade for Colonial Day. Anthony Kentros

My favorite field trip was the fishing trip, I caught the boat and 4 fish. Derek Wichert

I remember playing on the playground and playing kickball. Devin vonHassel

I remember Safety Town because I liked driving the safety cars and riding bikes. Denny Espinal

Mrs. Macher's class...

participating in field day. Kevin Bartolotta

meeting Mrs. Talbot and Ms. Macher. Ashley Campoverde

meeting new teachers and friends. Leah Dolson

starting third grade in R.C.K. Samantha Feerick

going to the fifth grade mixer. Nicholas Groneman

Mrs. Stewart teaching me how to play my viola. Adriana Iacono

winning the IXL challenge in 4th grade and having a pizza party with a basketball game. Jared Kelly

hatching baby chicks in kindergarten. Jenna Kilbourne

when we hatched butterflies in 3rd grade. Jillian Knapp

holding baby ducks in kindergarten. Matthew Kwiecinski

meeting both my 5th grade teachers. James laskowski

when I met my best friends Nate, Kevin, Christin, Matthew, and Chris. Michael lewandowski

Meeting my best friend Marissa in 4th grade. Brooke Lubin

raising chicks in Mrs. Coppola’s Kindergarten class. Kayla McKenna

when I went with my mom to the 3rd grade trip to the planetarium. Brendon Munno

going to the Vanderbilt Museum field trip. William Ouk

on the first day of second grade I followed kids to their classrooms. Jada Poindexter

when I was able to meet amazing friends and teachers, such as Mrs. Talbot and her comedy gold and Mrs. Macher’s fears and favorites. Denzel Sanchez

going on the 4th grade colonial times field trip. Christopher Seelig

meeting Ms. Macher and Mrs. Talbot in fifth grade, and Sophia Perry in kindergarten Terri Sonnanburg

going to the petting zoo in first grade. Sean Wichert

making my first friend. Batuhan Yildiz

when my teachers helped me learn. Mackenzie Yuska

Mrs. Johnson's class...

going on field trips. Dylan Aristides

helping teachers. Ashley Bartick

at Connetquot going on the playground. Gia Biancoviso

hanging out with Mrs. Johnson. Grace Cuoco

meeting new people and making new friends every year. Taylor Donlin

having Mrs. Ruppert, my teacher from 3rd grade, as my teacher again in 5th grade. Emily Gut

traveling on field trips. Jaeisha Hicks

in 2nd grade I slapped a cookie from one of my friends hand and it went in the garbage . Thomas Ivers

when I was in fourth grade we made slime and I got some of it on my shirt. Sienna Kateridge

the funny experience on the 4th grade colonial field trip. Brady Kneisel

I wore goggles on the last day of 4th grade and brought plushes to school. Daniel Landaverde

going to Old Bethpage because I saw two chickens fighting each other and a fat pig sleeping. Nicholas Laskowski

when I went to the pumpkin patch in kindergarten with Brady, Sean, and Michael, Brady's cousin. I picked the biggest pumpkin and it was the best time ever. James Mack

the fourth grade fishing field trip. Vincent Margarita

recess outside and inside. Ralph Mierzejewski

when I met my best friend Sophia .she likes harry potter like me. and we like to joke around together. Nikki Miller

having the best teacher in the world. Michael Ness

going to Old Bethpage with my fourth grade class and friends and drinking root beer there. Meagan Olson

building rockets in 5th grade. Ryan Penafiel

When I made my first friend Vincent. Andrew Perez

Is meeting my two best friends, Terri and Kimber. Sophia Perry

when my 3rd grade class played the math game. James Powers

participating in field day each year. Nicholas Williams


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