Meet Ms. Oh

First Grade Teacher @ Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School

Brief Intro

I have received my Bachelor's degree from University of Maryland majoring in Elementary Education. I have lived in Maryland ever since I was in second grade and moved to Virginia just after I started working here. I have taught Kindergarten for 3 years and this is my second year teaching first grade. It has been an amazing 5 years of teaching in Chesterbrook Academy and I am looking forward to more unforgettable memories to come!

First Grade

First grade is an exciting year filled with new independence and increasing abilities. It is a year where Kindergarten concepts and skills are reinforced upon, yet with many more skills to learn and accomplish. We focus on building responsibility and self confidence.

We have a smart board in the class - which is used on a daily basis to for more hands-on learning. We are also assigned to a designated time for individual iPads for math and reading activities.

We do tons of hands on learning across subject areas. First graders learn Science and Social Studies through PBL and STEM and Math through centers and journaling. We also read everyday using our reading curriculum and write everyday in our writing journals.

First Grade Formal Presentation

I look forward to meeting you tomorrow at 10 am at our Open House event. Find out more information regarding our first grade program, tour our school, and chat with me. I will also assist you with the enrollment process. Bring your children along too!