The Dachau was located on the grounds of an abandoned munitions factory near the Northeastern part of the town of Dachau.The Dachau concentration camp was established by The National Socialist (Nazi) Government in March 1933. During the first year there were about 4,800 prisoners. In early 1937 the prisoners were forced to construct buildings on the grounded of the original camp.


The Dachau camp held jewish and many other races. On november 11,1938 more than 10,000 jews were interned there. The court yard between the prison and the central kitchen was used for the excecution of prisoners. The prisoners who were sick or to weak to continue working were sent to The Hartheim killing center near linz, Austria. Several thousand Dachau prisoners were murdered at Hartheim. Before they were liberated the Germans began to move prisoners from concentration camps to a death march to prevent the liberation of the prisoners. After a few days of travel with little or no food or water, the prisoners were weak and exhausted often near death.


Finally they were liberated on April 29,1945. As the American forces neared the camp, they found more than 30 raildroad cars filled with bodies at Dachau all in an advanced state of decomposition. The number of prisoners incarcerated in Dachau between 1933 and 1945 exceeded 188,000.The number of Dachau prisoners that died were about 28,000 but we will never now exactly how many died in these concentration camps.

Gabriela perez