Vinyl flooring

Why Choosing Vinyl Flooring Was The Best Option From A Professional Vinyl Flooring Company

Why would choosing vinyl flooring be the best option from a professional vinyl flooring company? There are quite a few different options for flooring in a kitchen examples are tile, wood, laminate, vinyl, and even some less common options like cement or bamboo. When you hear vinyl you maybe thinking of the vinyl of years ago. Two different types of vinyl flooring are normal vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl flooring. The normal vinyl is the stuff you see in big rolls like carpeting and everyone suggests having it installed by a professional. That is a previous version we already had before. Now, we have luxury vinyl flooring from C. Harris Flooring a vinyl flooring company in Pompano Beach, Florida. If you saw luxury vinyl in the store you would assume it is laminate. They stick it on pieces of wood so it feels like it will when you put it down on the floor, but if you just saw a piece by itself you would see how flimsy and flexible it really is. The flooring we ended up choosing was a very rich colored vinyl floor that looks like wood panels. Each of the panels were four feet long and six inches wide. With the luxury vinyl, there are three installation types to choose from. Glue down, click, and quick as a result would be like click together panels. We ended up going with the glue down only, because the color we sought was only obtainable in the installation type. The flooring would have been easier and cleaner with one of the new types. However, with the reliable vinyl flooring company the cost for the product increases based on the product depth and how easy it is to install. Why did we come to a decision on choosing to purchase vinyl flooring as a replacement for another with all the options out? The tile flooring does not really work for the reason that how cold it gets in the winter. Also, installation would have been an ache even though we ended up having to complete the same installation in the end. Secondly, out of all the choices, the vinyl flooring is the simplest to take care of. Third, the experienced employee at Pompano Beach flooring company that was at the warehouse was a knowledgeable and informative person whom we trusted said that people usually would go with wood first, but the second choice would have been the vinyl and that the vinyl flooring would hold up nicer in four to six years that laminate. I also wanted to have nice wood looking floors without the expensive prices and work that are required with the hardwood floors. At the end of the day, the cost was not really a big factor, because after doing some research at and speaking with the professional experts I discovered that the price for the various flooring including materials and other costs would just ended up being very similar.

Vinyl Flooring Advantages For Years To Come From The Best Vinyl Flooring Company

Vinyl flooring has been a popular flooring choice in America for many years, and it still accounts for around fifteen percent of annual flooring expenditures in the United States. When you hear people speak about vinyl flooring some may think about only the sheet flooring. However, through the years vinyl has options of other flooring forms such as tiles and planks that are made from vinyl. Since they are all made from vinyl they share a number of common characteristics and have many of the same advantages. The cheapest vinyl flooring company really gives you the primary advantage for vinyl flooring which would be the affordability. By emulating the appearance if high-end flooring, vinyl is relatively inexpensive and can still be installed for as little as five dollars per square foot. The wide range of color choices that are available in vinyl flooring make it adaptable and easy to fit into almost any decor. C. Harris Flooring a vinyl flooring company in Pompano Beach, Fl has tiles, and planks, as well as sheets, which are great to have professionally installed. The tiles usually come in twelve inch squares, so they are easy to hold and both the tile and planks are often manufactured with "peel and stick" backings, meaning they are trouble-free for homeowners to put down themselves also which will save money on the installation. C. Harris Flooring is a licensed, insured and bonded flooring company that carries vinyl that is totally waterproof, so it can be used virtually anywhere in the home including the main floor, upper floors and below grade. Vinyl flooring works really well in the bathrooms and kitchens, where water often ends up on the floor. With water simply beading on the surface of the floor really makes for an easy clean up or mop up. In addition, regular sweeping and an occasional damp mopping are all that is required to keep a vinyl floor clean and bright. Most vinyl flooring has a wearlayer and some have an additional two layers for a total of three layers on top of the vinyl itself, so it is resistant to normal traffic wear and tear. It is also a resilient flooring, meaning it is soft texture has a little give when you walk on it which will make it a good working floor you can stand on for hours and not hurt your legs or feet. With a professional design consultant service that is provided from a multiple award winning team of experts C. Harris Flooring to Pompano Beach, Florida homeowners helps with the right decorating solutions for their homes. This local vinyl flooring company understands the busy lives that many customers lead and allows them to access a great amount of resources through their website at or simply call toll free (866)456-0981 to set up an appointment with one of their experts and requesting quotes.