VCR Presentation 7

by: Jakobi Farrar

Fill-in the Blank!!!

Some children may become _____________ when they plead, cry, and persuade their parents to give them a cookie from the cookie jar.
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n. a person taking advantage of any chance to achieve an end in a forceful of self-serving way


portus <L. "harbor or gate"

op=ob <L. "off or against"


Opportunistic (adj.)

Opportunistically (adv.)

Opportunism (n.)


Choose the letter where the bold word is used incorrectly.

a. Hannah was opportunistic when her mom gave her the good news.

b. The opportunist going into the job interview will find every way to show off to get the job.

c. Athletes should be opportunistic and use their technique to score as many points possible.

d. Opportunists will not only lie and cheat to get to their main goal.