Week of May 30-June 2

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- We made it! It's the LAST week of school!! Thanks to everyone for working so hard to make this year a GREAT success!

~ We have awards going on this week, the vocabulary parade today (Tuesday) at 2:00, and Thursday is going to be a little chaotic, so make sure to note the small changes in times.

Thursday schedule:

5th Grade Awards: 8:15

Kickball Tournament: 9:15

Class Parties: 10:40 (THIS IS EARLIER THAN USUAL)

5th Grade Clap Out: 11:30 (students line up ready for dismissal)

11:40- Dismissal

** Please encourage your parents who are taking your students home after the party to stay and clap along with our students and faculty as the 5th graders exit the building. We moved the party 10 minutes earlier to allow for enough time for the parties. We know parents will be taking home their kiddos after the parties, but try to encourage them to find a place in the hallway to stand and recognize our 5th graders. Laura will give the teachers a check out form to have on Thursday, so you CAN check out your students from your room before dismissing them with their parents to watch the clapout. We know it will be chaotic, but we are trying to give the recognition to our 5th graders, so we wanted to see how it works!

~ For parties on Thursday, Laura will be in the hallway and giving stickers to our regular parents who we know and who have their ID's on file. For any new parents/relatives who are not usually on campus, we WILL be scanning their licenses in the office. So, this is something you might want to relay to your parents as well.

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Campus News

~ UIL volunteers, make sure you have sent in your Jason's Deli orders! Thanks SO much for volunteering!

~ Friday is a work day and check out day. Make sure to look over the blue sheet and get all of the needed items signed off by the appropriate person. Once you are signed out, you are free to go!

~ We are still awaiting STAAR scores. Once they get in, it will be a mad dash to get paperwork filled out for those students who must attend summer school. Any specialists or aides who need something to do, come find me! I can have you help in calling and filling out paperwork to get everything in and ready by Thursday. Summer school starts Monday, so it's a VERY quick turnaround.

~ We will have our farewell reception today at 3:00 in the library. We will take a few minutes before the reception begins to pass out our "years of service" pins to all of our employees receiving them. Make sure to stop by the library at 3:00 today.

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Be Vocabulous!

Continue to discuss the vocabulary with your students! It's making a big difference!

Here is the copy of the s'more newsletter about the vocabulary program. It has all the words listed for the year, so you can plan ahead! It has each word listed and the grade level responsible. The kids really enjoyed this last year, and I think this was something I had more comments from parents about than anything! They would comment about their students knowing the meanings of words that they didn't even know. The vocabulary parade was a big hit too. Even the older kids got into it and had fun being creative and participating.


Please turn in the "Word Up" Levels sheets when you have students who display the appropriate use of the words. Obviously, the younger they are, the more "adaptation" needs to occur in order to receive the levels, but the students who received the tags last year, LOVED it!! I will put the "Word Up Level" sheet on canvas!

As a reminder, the way the "Word Up Levels" work, goes like this...

All students will start as rookies and all students will have a chance to move up as many levels as they would like. Spirit Tags (that PTA is selling) will be used for levels 2 thru 5 and when a student reaches level 2 thru 5 they will receive a spirit tag for that level from the principal.

Teachers will nominate students to move up through the levels.

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Tuesday, May 30th:

1st Grade Awards @ 8:00

3rd Grade Awards @ 9:15

Vocabulary Parade @ 2:00 pm

Farewell Reception in library - 3:00 pm

Wednesday, May 31st:

5th Grade Field Trip

Kori off campus in AM

2nd Grade Awards @ 8:00

4th Grade Awards @ 9:15

Thursday, June 1:

5th Grade Awards @8:15

Kickball Tournament (staff versus students) 9:15

End of Year Parties: 10:40

Last day of school- Early Dismissal at 11:40

** students plan to be in hallway at 11:30 to have a final "clap out" for our 5th graders as they exit the building.

For ease of traffic control, please leave the hallway clear from the 1st/2nd grade hallway to the office. This needs to be kept open for parents who are taking their kids for early dismissal after the parties. This was discussed in the planning meeting, and I completely agree! Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd can go to the cafeteria, 4th grade can sit in their hallway, 3rd grade can be in the hallway from the 4/5 hall and the cafeteria. and 5th grade can make a loop through the cafeteria when they exit, instead of going by the Art/Music doors.

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