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December 2015 Newsletter

Message From Camperworld, Inc.

Dear Members,

We wish you a warm, safe and wonderful Christmas season and New Year. Although we find our lives to be busier than usual with work, shopping for that perfect gift, and other holiday activities, this time of year is also a time for celebration, making memories, and enjoying traditions. On behalf of all Camperworld, Inc. employees and Board members, we wish you a Happy Christmas Season and Successful New Year!

Camperworld, Inc. Board & Staff

Office and Campground Management and Staff

On behalf of the Camperworld, Inc. office staff & park management, we would like to thank all the members who have chosen to continue with us through these hard times. We are so appreciative of those that volunteered their services, whether it was for an event at the park, to help a manager with park maintenance or to help the office staff with the conversion process. We sincerely appreciate everything you have done and we look forward to many more years with our outstanding members.

Camperworld, Inc. Office Staff and Park Management

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Camperworld, Inc. Photo Contest

Hey all you aspiring or professional photographers. It’s your chance to show off your skills. We are running a competition to see who can capture the beauty of our campgrounds. The prizes are great and we hope as many people as possible will participate.


Grand Prize (1 prize in total for overall winner) - Two Cabin Vouchers good for 1 stay each for up to a week in either the 1- or 2-bedroom cabins; Camperworld, Inc. sweatshirt.

1st in Park (6 prizes available, one for best photo of each park) - One Cabin Voucher good for 1 stay for up to a week in either the 1- or 2-bedroom cabin; Camperworld, Inc. sweatshirt.

1st Runner Up in Park (6 prizes available, one for 1st Runner Up photo of each park) - Three 50%-off guest site coupons; Camperworld, Inc. T-shirt.

2nd Runner Up in Park (6 prizes available, one for 2nd Runner Up photo of each park) - One 50%-off guest site coupons; Camperworld, Inc. T-shirt.

The contest will run until next spring, so for those of you who have put your rig away for the season you still have the chance to participate. However, for those of you who submit early you will be eligible for the bonus prize.

The photos submitted will be used by Camperworld, Inc. in our parks, social media campaigns, website and promotional materials. We ask that you please only send high resolution pictures so that we may have the pictures enlarged, if necessary. For a complete list of rules please click on the button below.

Contest Rules

Click this button to be taken to the contest rules

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Family Benefit Memberships (FBM) Are Now Available

What a wonderful time of year to make available to our members the option to purchase a gift of camping for family members. The concept for the Family Benefit Membership program has been discussed in Q&A sessions while the company was being reorganized and in the President’s November 2015 Newsletter. Recently, the Camperworld, Inc. staff, management and elected Board of Directors have been able to review, update and approve the FBM program. The FBM is available for purchase now and can be enjoyed during the 2016 camping season.

We're excited to be offering the FBM; it is available to current members who have Multi-Park or Single Park Contract(s) and who are in good standing. Also, members who purchase a new Multi-Park or Single Park membership now or in the near future (in time to enjoy camping in 2016) may also have the option to purchase Family Benefit Memberships for their family members.

We want to say thanks again for your support and for including us as you continue to make memories and build traditions within our parks for what we hope will be many years to come.

If you or your immediate family (parents or children) are interested in this membership please click on the button below to get started.

Please press the button below if you are interested in the FBM.

Membership Drive

We want to encourage all members to talk with friends and family and explain the benefits of becoming a Camperworld member.
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Guest Pass Booklets Are Now Available

Camperworld, Inc. is now offering discounted guest passes, just in time for Christmas. They are a great deal at $100 for a booklet of 4 passes. These passes will give you the opportunity to share the parks with your friends, family and loved ones. If you’re interested in receiving more information, or buying a Guest Pass Booklet, please click the button below and we will contact you immediately.

There are only a limited number of booklets that were printed for the 2016 season so call now (801.255.8166) to purchase one (or more) before they're gone.

* Each guest pass is good for one additional site for one night. Expiration date is 60 months from the date of issue.

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12 inch Dutch Oven

1 cup Butter Melted

4 eggs beaten

3 cups Milk

2 cups Sugar

2 Cups Cornmeal

3 cups Flour

4 tsp Baking Powder

1 tsp Salt

Combine wet ingredients; Combine dry ingredients. Mix Both Thoroughly. Then Mix together. Pour in Dutch Oven and cook approx. 1 hour with 10 coals on bottom and 14 on top.
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Volunteer Elected Board ~ Thank You Members

I. Each one of us on the Elected Board would like to send a sincere thank you to our members. Please know we appreciate the voting process where a number of you expressed your support of this new volunteer board being able to serve you and our company. We appreciate your decision to renew your association with the company. We are excited to work as a team with you, the office and campground management and staff, in making our camping organization one of the best recreational companies around.

Camperworld, Inc. Est. 9.17.2015

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Please Contact Camperworld, Inc. With Any Questions

For any of our current or past members with questions regarding the conversion please email us at or call our main office at #801.255.8166.

Also, if you would like to know what to expect over the next several weeks with regards to the conversion process, please click the link below to be taken to the Important Notices page of the website.

Important Notices

Please click this button to be routed to our Important Notices page on

Just For Fun

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