Endecott Zone

The photos that will last a lifetime

Perks of working at Endecott Zone

The work days start at 9 and end at 6. All overtime is paid for. We offer unlimited paid sick days, as well as college tuition reimbursement. As well as a mid-day nap Everyday at 11- 12:30 p.m. we encourage a mid-day nap to energize for the rest of the work day. Our company also offers free food and drink. throughout the entire day. For overseas travel everything will be paid for. Any weekends worked are considered overtime. You are also free to choose where you would like to travel, and how long you wish to stay there. All camera equipment will be provided for you, if you are in need of something else you just need to tell your manger and he/she can order it for you.

Requirements to work at Endecott Zone

This Job requires you to travel around the world, capturing the photos only people can dream about. This requires you to travel to places such as Iceland or Australia. In order to fulfill these job requirements, you must be able to take breathe taking photos. You must be willing to step outside of your comfort zone to capture the photo