“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” - William James

Today: April 25th,

The Nest's top priority is to get the Jewelry Bar Tab fixed!


This includes:

  • Shipping issues: Asking for refund for shipping, editing orders
  • Force closing parties, etc
  • ANYTHING pertaining to issues with JB tab

If you are on hold with Designer Care about any of the above, they will tell you that they cannot help you today.

PLEASE PLEASE note that this does not mean the answer is NO, it means that they are working on resolution on broader scope for everyone and therefore cannot give individual answers today.

Finding Resolution

Issues that they know are happening and are getting resolved:

  • Jewelry Bars that are closed and cannot see orders in your back office, but have credit cards have been charged.
  • Insufficient quantities. (When message comes up during closing of a party) This is getting addressed and they are working on a better way to adjust and fix this when this pops up.
  • Shipping discounts. Make sure your are following the directions to how the discount qualifies. It needs to be 4 orders going to the Hostess' address to qualify.
  • If you are needing a refund/ credit on overcharge for shipping, they are working on getting that for you but no ETA on when that credit will be issued.

If you need to input orders until these issues get resolved:

If you know you are going to have all the orders sent to you, as the Designer, you must:

  • Create the party in the JB tav under the Hostesses name BUT your address.
*******If you go back to edit the hostesses address to reflect your address that will NOT work, it must be done when creating the initial party*********

So create a new party if you have to

  • Look over all your orders first to see if anything is on backorder. As Michele posted, review the STOP SELL list and do yourself a favor and do not sell anything listed. If anything is inputted into the JB tab that is on there, you will not be able to close your party.
  • DO NOT enter anything into the JB tab until you are positive that you have everything in place, and can through it, start to finish in one sitting.
  • The editing, and going back and forth with it is what is causing it to mess up right now and the software misunderstands commands in action.

ABOVE ALL, please be patient as the Nest and IT team work on all the problems so they can better serve us. They know of all the issues and are working very hard to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Pushing ahead

In this times it is important to remember we are a force for good and let's work together, we are are sitting with one flashlight huddled together and you can be frustrated. It's important to let it out, reorganize and move forward. The way we react is how our customers and team react. Move forward and redirect. Those that want a certain item, put the focus on new products and suggest an item for them. If you don't dwell on it they won't either. Let's remember to KEEP CALM AND SPARKLE ON!

-Vanessa, Team Sparkle and Shine

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