FACTS-Populations are in decline as the demands of nearby Mexico City have led to the draining and contamination of much of the waters of the Xochimilco Lake complex. They are also popular in the aquarium trade, and roasted axolotl is considered a delicacy in Mexico, further shrinking their numbers. They are considered a critically endanger.

QUOTES- Its pink fish and has 4 fingers,with 6 spikes in his head two eyes a mouth it lives under water.

PARAPHRASES- Axolotl is a a sea animal that is very dangerous and lives in mexico and will be notice in every sea water u go.this sea animal eats a lot of meat so is carnivore.


Pacu fish

FACTS- Pacu is actually a common name for numerous different fish species that are related to piranhas. Pacus are vegetarian fishes that are traditionally found in the major river systems of South America.

QUOTES-Pacu uses its teeth mainly to crush nuts and fruits, but sometimes they also eat other fish and invertebrates. They usually eat floating fruits and nuts that drop from trees in the Amazon, and on a few occasions were reported to attack the testicles of male swimmers mistaking them to be floating nuts.

PARAPHRASES- Pacu is a numerous different fish species that are related to piranhas. Pacu the fish is vegetarian. Even thought he looks carnivores with his sharp teeth and mainly crushes nuts and fruits. Pacus likes to attack swimmers and humans and fish. Pacu is from south america


Black Seadevil Anglerfish

FACTS-This rare deep-sea anglerfish—known as a black sea devil—was captured on film for the first time off the coast of central California.

QUOTES-A fish in the ocean that has a light and is evil and it comes in finding nemo.

PARAPHRASES-Black seadevil angelfish is a fish deep the sea and it it known as a black devil and capture in lots of places and has a big light that looks like a light bull and if you touch it you are in danger.


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