Cardiovascular Disease...Avoid it.

CVD: diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Risk Factors

Modifiable (can be changed):

1. Excess body fat.

2. Physical inactivity.

3.Tobacco use or exposure to tobacco smoke.

-Knowing the modifiable risk factors, can help you to change your habits and avoid cardiovascular disease.

Non-modifiable (cannot be changed):

1. Family history of CVD

2. Increasing Age

3. Gender and Ethnic Origin

What you do matters!!

If you are a college student, CVD can significantly change your life. You will have to make frequent hospital visits to monitor the CVD. Certain diseases that fall into this category such as Coronary Artery Disease and stroke are in the top four leading causes of death in America.

So what do you do?

If you think the way you're living puts you at risk for CVD, you may want to try and make some lifestyle changes starting today. Smoking, hypertension, excess body fat, physical inactivity, etc. This is just the beginning of things you can alter to help prevent CVD. Your diet is very important as well and it important to try and eat foods that supply omega-3 fatty acids because it will help to reduce the risk of heart disease. Every day you make choices that could effect your heart later. It is vital that you eat healthy and get enough physical activity in, so you can live a long healthy life.