5 Educational Apps

Utilizing Technology in Your Classroom

Back In Time

Back in Time is an app that lets student explore the history of the Universe, Earth and Life. This app is exciting for students because it can allow them to feel like space travellers as they learn. Students will be more engaged in the learning of the past if they are able to incorporate it into a game.

Operation Math

This amazing app makes math into a mission impossible game. The student will follow Dr. Odd in his quest to eliminate all the even numbers. This will be accomplished by using equations with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to open doors so he can escape.

Operation Math by Spinlight Studio

Why a 3D Atlas will replace the Globes in the classroom

Unlike the traditional globes you have in your classroom, Earth 3D Amazing Atlas has cickable buildings that would have notable history attached too it. It helps the student connect more visually and concretely to the location being discussed or researched.

Mobile LMS

In watching the world of Education enter into the technology era, mobile learning management systems are helping teachers better manage their classroom, as well as their students.

Schoology helps teachers with:

1. Staying connected - teachers can post about assignments, reminders and fun classroom pictures to not only remind students but keep parents connected as well.

2. Management on the Go - This helps that teachers can post it as they come up the assignment to benefit all learners.

3. It is a free App that may help eliminate the costs to school divisions to print hundreds of agendas per school only to have students lose them.

Vocabulary Spelling City

Spelling City teaches students vocabulary and spelling through word game like HangMouse. It allows the teacher to use spelling words from the week to make learning the words fun.