fluffy cows!

you can buy a cow!

Fluffy cows

so, you want a fluffy cow? I bet you do! yes, you want a fluffy cow! Well, call 223, 455, 5656 cows today!

cow health

"I have spoken at a number of international conferences, covering a wide range of topics including cow health, nutrition and general management, all with an emphasis on improving profitability through animal welfare. If you would like me to contribute to your next event"- Bruce Woodacre, cow expert.

please leave your cow a wide open space so they can graze, do not over crowd, thats wrong!

as you can see, experts even think cows are important! here is a link to some fun facts about cows to get you sold on the whole buy a cow idea

fun facts about cows

  • Cattle are herbivores that eat vegetation such as grass.

  • Cattle stomachs have four chambers which help break down what they eat

  • There are well over 1 billion cattle in the world.

  • Cattle are sacred in India.

  • There are an estimated 300 million cattle in India.

  • Young cattle are generally known as calves.

  • Adult females are generally called cows.

  • Adult males that are not castrated are generally called bulls.

  • Cattle are red/green color blind.

  • In the sometimes controversial sport of bull fighting, bulls are angered by the movement of the cape rather than its red color.

  • Cattle are farmed for a number of agricultural products including meat and dairy products.

  • Meat from adult cattle is known as beef.

  • Meat from calves is known as veal.

  • Cattle trained to be draft animals are known as oxen (ox).

Cow Appreciation Day

Friday, July 8th, 11:30pm

national holiday

Its easy to overlook cows, but July 8 is a day to give thanks to all the cows that do so much for us.