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October 16th 2022

Message From The Principal

Happy Sunday!

As we head into Fall and the weather changes it reminds me of how quickly our own moods (and the moods of our children) can change! Just a few weeks ago it was 100 degrees….and now, it’s cool and 72 degrees—with some light rain! Our moods are sometimes just like the weather in how quickly they change!

Of course, it’s a good lesson in itself that things that we are experiencing RIGHT NOW can change in (relatively) little time. One day we’re doing all we can to stay indoors with AC and the next (relatively speaking) we’re soaking up the rain and (with cooler weather) putting on a sweater. One day we’re all stressed about something we’re going through and the next (or within a small period of time) we’re on to the next thing and have (almost) forgotten all about that LAST THING we couldn’t stop thinking about. I guess that’s what it is to be human.

Our children (and sometimes us!!) don’t always have that “long view” that today’s difficulties will soon be replaced by something different (and hopefully better). As we get older we learn that life has its seasons…it has its ups and downs, and that as we get new skills to deal with life’s stressors, we find new ways to cope and new reasons to believe that hope is right around the corner.

I guess that’s called resilience. And resilience is something that we all need to have to be successful—not just in school but in LIFE!

I’ve read resiliency studies (from the field of education) that suggest that if young people have just one adult person to whom they can confide what they’re going through (emotionally, socially, physically) that they report less stress, more stability, and feel more connected to the idea that hope and better days are ahead.

Every family is different, but a lot of times that one person is you—or some other adult in your family or extended family! I know from my own experience with my own kids (especially as they were teenagers) that sometimes I was in and out of “being that one person”! Sometimes it was my wife…sometimes it was neither of us! Gratefully, that wasn’t most of the time!! My point is that trusted adults can have a big impact on how our children weather the storms of life. And a lot of time, an adult in the family (be it mom & dad or an older sibling or an aunt or uncle) can be THAT person. The important thing is that they have that person!!

The school doesn’t take the place of the family. We do our best, however, to provide different people who students can talk to, and to help them get through some of the tough times, and to feel connected.

Two of our staff that help a lot students are:

Gina Siez, School Social Worker. (rsiez@tvusd.us)

Kristen Rice, School Counselor (krice1@tuvsd.us)

Both Ms. Siez and Ms. Rice work with students everyday. Some students who need extra support check in with them every morning before going to class. And, of course, they see students and help kids all day long. If your student needs extra support Ms. Siez and Ms. Rice are important connections to make here at school. Feel free to reach out to them.

Additionally, as part of our school schedule, we have a shortened day on Wednesdays, that includes a 45 minute long “Coaching Class”. Each student (including yours) is assigned to a teacher for that 45 minute period who acts as a “Coach”. (Students were given an opportunity to choose their “Coach” at the beginning of the school year—and most received the Coach of their choice). In addition to facilitating school announcements and guiding students through discussions of school wide interest, the Coach also acts as a resource to your child if she/he has questions about their schedule, their attendance, or has other concerns that they’d like answers to. We all know that we can’t force a connection to develop between any two people, but this “Coach” could also be a trusted adult here at school! And the more trusted adults—the better!

Most of our students know Ms. Siez and Ms. Rice, and they certainly know their Coach! But we wanted to make sure that you know about them, too! They are invaluable in working with our students to help them thrive “as the weather changes”; and are excellent resources to assist in their development into resilient young adults!!! And resilient young adults make for successful young adults!

Here’s to a great week ahead!

David Schlottman


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English Learner Advisory Committe (ELAC)

Every month or so we'll be hosting an "English Learner Advisory Committee" (ELAC) meeting at Rancho Vista High.

The meeting is open to all families and will be most informative to families of those students who are learning English.

Our 1st meeting will be:

Thursday, October 27, 2022

4-5 pm

In the RVHS Library

Coffee and Refreshments will be provided

Meeting will be held in English and Spanish

The purpose of ELAC is to help families...

1) Learn how our school supports English learners to learn English

2) Understand how they can support their students at home as they learn English

3) Understand the US Educational system (and our TVUSD system in particular)

4) Give the school input/advice about how to improve its "English Learner" programs

5) Learn about how the school's attendance policies

6) Learn how to advocate for their child at school and know who to talk to when help is


We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, October 27th!


Comité Asesor para Padres de Estudiantes Aprendices de Inglés

Aproximadamente cada mes organizaremos una reunión del "Comité asesor de estudiantes aprendices de inglés" (ELAC) en Rancho Vista High.

La reunión está abierta a todas las familias y será más informativa para las familias de aquellos estudiantes que están aprendiendo inglés.

Nuestra primera reunión será:

jueves, 27 de octubre de 2022

4-5 pm

En la biblioteca de RVHS

Se proporcionará café y refrescos.

La reunión se llevará a cabo en inglés y español.

El propósito de ELAC es ayudar a las familias...

1) Aprenda cómo nuestra escuela apoya a los estudiantes aprendices de inglés

2) Comprender cómo pueden apoyar a sus estudiantes en casa mientras aprenden inglés

3) Comprender el sistema educativo de los EE. UU. (y nuestro sistema TVUSD en particular)

4) Brindar información/consejos a la escuela sobre cómo mejorar sus programas de

"Estudiantes Aprendices de inglés"

5) Conozca cómo funcionan las políticas de asistencia de la escuela.

6) Aprenda a abogar por su hijo en la escuela y sepa con quién hablar cuando necesite


¡Te esperamos el jueves 27 de octubre!

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Isabelle Manjarrez

Isabelle is an extremely responsible and very kind student! She works hard in both PE and Credit Recovery. She is receiving an A in PE and has made excellent progress in her Credit Recovery classes. It is truly a pleasure having her in class every day! Great job Isabelle!

Vivienne Morrison

If you are lucky enough to know Vivienne, you know she is sweet and nice. Vivienne works hard and is intelligent. She is not just passing her classes, she has all A's and B's. Vivienne is a great example of what great students we have here at Rancho Vista.
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Credit #3 --- Oct. 10th - Oct. 28th

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Attendance Matters!

  • Report Your Student's Absence To:


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Counseling News

Ms. Kristen Rice serves all RVHS students. You can make an appointment with her by filling out the google form below.

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TVUSD Bus Passes

For information about Temecula Valley Unified School District's school bus system, and/or to apply for a bus pass, please click here.
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Lisa Sindermann

Secretary To Principal David Schlottman and

Assistant Principal Stephanie Webb